The Weekly Gallery Crawl (4/13-4/15)

Friday 4/13 -
OhNo!Doom Gallery - 1800 N. Milwaukee Ave. A Walk Through the Dark, work by Jonathan Bergeron, Stephanie Brown, Ego, Steven Fiche, Ben Lyon, Scarecrowoven and Scott Shellhamer. Reception 6-10pm.

DOVA Temporary - 5228 S. Harper Ave. WIWWIW, work by Jacqueline Hendrickson. Reception 6-9pm.

Chicago Cultural Center - 78 E. Washington St. Circle of Friends: Autism and the Social Life; In Decay—Stitching America's Ruins, work by Eric Holubow; On a Darkling Plain, work by Shawne Major; View From the Birth Day, work by Matthew Woodward. Reception 5:30-7:30pm.

Fine Arts Building - 410 S. Michigan Ave. Fine Arts Building Second Fridays Open Studios. Reception 5-9pm.

KM Fine Arts - 875 N. Michigan, Ste. 2515. Picasso and Beyond. Reception 5-8pm.

2ND FLR Gallery - 903 W 19th St. 2nd Fl. Diane Ponder. Reception 6-10pm.

Black Cloud Gallery - 1909 S Halsted. Embody, work by Jennifer Cronin, Matt Maniscalco, and Ian Mitchell Wallace. Reception 6-10pm.

Chicago Art Department - 1932 South Halsted. Redefining Normal, work by Liz Tuckwell, Sara Spruth, Amanda Petrozzini, and Rebecca Rounds Benedict. Reception 6-10pm.

Chicago Arts District - 1945 S. Halsted, Ste. 101. 2nd FRIDAYS Gallery Night. Reception 6-10pm.

Cobalt Studio - 1950 W. 21st St. Other Side Breathing, work by Victoria Martinez. Reception 6-9pm.

Morpho Gallery - 5216 N. Damen. 7th Annual Juried Photography Exhibit. Reception 6-10pm.

Addington Gallery - 704 N. Wells. Blooming Atmosphere, work by Molly McCracken. Reception 5-8pm.

Carl Hammer Gallery - 740 N. Wells St. A Day in the Life, work by Marc Dennis. Reception 6-8pm.

Gallery KH - 311 W. Superior. Shaping the Unknown, work by Rick Stevens. Reception 5-8pm.

Gruen Galleries - 226 W. Superior. Abstract Landscapes, work by Pia Brix-Thomsen. Reception 5-8pm.

Judy A Saslow Gallery - 300 W. Superior. Brodeur du Vivant, work by Loïc Lucas; I Believe in Nothing, Everything is Sacred, work by Lauren Wild Songbird Bost; Stories of Man, work by Daniel Fitzpatrick. Reception 5-8pm.

Roy Boyd Gallery - 739 N. Wells. Beech Forest Paintings, work by Daniel Bodner. Reception 5-8pm.

Vale Craft Gallery - 230 W. Superior St. Acrylic on Metal, work by Ed Lazzeroni. Reception 5-8pm.

Chicago Artists' Coalition - 217 N. Carpenter St. The Middle, work by Amanda Greive and Erik Peterson; It's Getting Hot in Here, work by Sarah and Joseph Belknap. Reception 6-9pm.

FM*Gallery - 310 N. Peoria. Hebru Brantley. Reception 6-9pm.

Gallery 400 - 400 S. Peoria St. I Accidentally Turned Off the Sun: 2012 UIC Art MFA Thesis Exhibition 4. Reception 5-8pm.

Kasia Kay Gallery
- 215 N. Aberdeen St. Trapped in What I Made Believe, work by Hebru Brantley. Reception 6-8pm.

McCormick Gallery - 835 W. Washington. Sailor's Bag-Rag, work by Jim Falconer. Reception 5-8pm.

Packer Schopf Gallery - 942 W. Lake St. Global Blindness, work by Paul Lamantia; Hearthrobs and Avatars, work by Matthew Cox; Plain Sight, work by Brett Eberhardt. Reception 5-8pm.

Defibrillator - 1136 N Milwaukee Ave. Defibrillator and This is Not the Studio presents Insignificant Matter, work by Scott Nadeau. Reception 7-11pm.

Heaven Gallery - 1550 N. Milwaukee Ave. 2nd Fl. With Other People, With Other Sons, work by Ryan Chorbagian, Hao Ni, and Patrick McGuan. Reception 7-11pm.

Polish Museum of America - 984 N. Milwaukee Ave. Art of Association: Modern Polish Posters. Reception 7-9pm.

Variable Space - 1564 N. Damen Ave. I Can Do That. Reception 7-10pm.

Saturday 4/14 -
Alibi Fine Art - 1966 W. Montrose. New Work by Justin Thomas Leonard. Reception 6-8pm.

Co-Prosperity Sphere - 3219 S. Morgan St. Objet Petit Ahh…: VERSION FESTIVAL 12 Benefit Exhibition. Reception 6-11pm.

Arc Gallery - 2156 N. Damen Ave. Re/Invention. Reception 6-10pm.

Sulzen Fine Art Studio - 2720 W. Saint Georges Court. Sulzen Fine Art Studio 10 Years in Logan Square Anniversary Exhibition. Reception 5-11pm.

The Hills - 128 N Campbell. Newport Room, work by Paul Erschen. Reception 6-10pm.

Floor Length and Tux - 2332 W. Augusta #3. FLAT 12, work by Cole Pierce, Angela Lopez, Stephen Nyktas, Catie Olson and EC Brown. Reception 7-10pm.

LVL3 - 1542 N. Milwaukee Ave, 3rd Fl. Temporal Figuration, work by Andrew Holmquist, David Brandon Geeting, and Jade Walker. Reception 6-10pm.

Sunday 4/15
ADDS DONNA - 4223 W. Lake St #422. Natural Disaster, work Alison Ruttan. Work 4-7pm.

Terrain Exhibitions - 704 Highland Ave. Oak Park. limes and bricks suck pink you tasteless hunk or just limes and brick suck pink or tasteless hunk, work by Claire Ashley. Reception 12-4pm.

ACRE Projects - 1913 W 17th St. Boys’ Life, work by Adam Blumberg. Reception 4-8pm.

ALDERMAN EXHIBITIONS - 1138 W. Randolph St. Reading Discussion, work by Tim Nickodemus. Reception 3-8pm.

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