The Weekly Gallery Crawl (3/16-3/18)

3/16 -
Zhou B. Art Center - 1029 W. 35th St. BridgePort Art Walk 3rd Fridays. Reception 7-10pm.

NEW CAPITAL - 3114 W. Carroll St. Sirianni/Lane, work by Michael Sirianni and Matthew Lane. Reception 7-10pm.

Beauty and Brawn Art Gallery and Think Space - 3501 W. Fullerton. Inaugural Exhibition, work by Marcell Guille, Tommaso Paladino, & Sam. Reception 6-10pm.

Illinois Institute of Art Gallery 180 - 180 N. Wabash Ave. Ken Konchel. Reception 5:30-7:30pm.

Sullivan Galleries - 33 S. State. Spring Undergraduate Exhibition. Reception 6-9pm.

Yollocalli Arts Reach - 1401 West 18th St. Heroes & Icons. Reception 6-8pm.

Ann Ponce Studio - 1819 W. Wilson Ave. Snake River Show. Reception 5:30-8:30pm.

Jennifer Norback Fine Art, Inc. - 217 W. Huron. In Parallel, work by Jourdon Gullet and Cindy Bernhard. Reception 5-8pm.

Perimeter Gallery - 210 W. Superior St. Taking Breath, work by Janis Pozzi-Johnson. Reception 5-8pm.

Printworks - 311 W. Superior St. CTRL-Home/Echo, work by Michiko Itatani; Mystery Spot, work by Nina Rizzo. Reception 5-7:30pm.

The Graham Foundation - Madlener House, 4 W. Burton Pl. Dirt, work by Megan Born. Reception 6-9pm.

Worthington Gallery - 737 N. Michigan. Reflection of the Artist: Self-Portraits. Reception 5-7:30pm.

Zolla / Lieberman Gallery - 325 W. Huron. Maria Tomasula; Fire Season, work by Teodor Dumitrescu. Reception 5-8pm.

Elephant Room, Inc. - 704 S. Wabash Ave. The Art of the Wall, work by Gary Hoover. Reception 6:30-9pm.

Chicago Artists' Coalition - 217 N. Carpenter St. Power Lines, work by Angela Davis Fegan and Alexandra Lee; This Doubtful Paradise, work by Gwynne Johnson. Reception 6-9pm.

Gallery 400 - 400 S. Peoria St. Look at Me: 2012 UIC Art MFA Thesis Exhibition 1. Reception 5-8pm.

Linda Warren Gallery - 327 N. Aberdeen. Ain't No Reason to Hang My Head, work by Joseph Noderer. Reception 6-9pm.

Thomas Robertello Gallery - 27 N. Morgan St. Lookin' Out My Back Door, work by Michael Nudelman; The One Man Army Corpse, work by Jason Robert Bell. Reception 6-8pm

Western Exhibitions - 119 N Peoria St. Black Thorns in the White Cube, work by Elijah Burgher, Alexander Binder, Vincent Como, Terence Hannum, Karlynn Holland, Elodie Lesourd , Aaron Metté, Grant Willing, and Tereza Zelenkova. Reception 5-8pm.

Park Schreck Gallery - 1747 W. North Ave. Grid Systems, work by Alan Salabert and Danielle Monet Morse. Reception 7-10pm.

3/17 -
Autumn Space Gallery - 1700 Irving Park #207. Autumn Space Presents: Sean Ward. Reception 6-9pm.

Prospectus Gallery - 1210 W. 18th St. Nature and the City, work by Anne Farley Gaines. Reception 5-10pm.

Iceberg Projects - 7714 N. Sheridan Rd. Darkness and Light, work by Mark Jackson. Reception 6-9pm.

Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery - 1136 N. Milwaukee Ave. Food & Performance, work by Nicole LeGette, Nic Ruley, Joshua Kent, Havalah Grace, Gwen Tulin, Elise Mayfield, Dani Bryant, and Clarisa Ramirez. Reception 7-9pm.

Roots & Culture - 1034 N Milwaukee Ave. Light Show, work by Arend deGruyter-Helfer, Brook Sinkinson Withrow, Miah Michelson-Jones, Micah Schippa, Tom Harrington, and Sara Condo. Organized by Arend deGruyter-Helfer & Brook Sinkinson Withrow. Reception 6-9pm.

3/18 -
The Renaissance Society - 5811 S. Ellis Ave. Riffs, work by Yto Barrada. Reception 4-7pm.

Links Hall - 3435 N. Sheffield Ave. ARTE NO ES FÁCIL, work by Rachel Herman, Anthony Blackhood, Dana Carter, Nestor Mederos, Ana Olema, Jason Pallas, Marilyn Volkman, and Danielle Paz. Reception 7-9pm.

ACRE Projects - 1913 W 17th St. A System of Relations, work by Brandy Fisher. Reception 4-8pm.

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