The Weekly Gallery Crawl (2/3-2/5)

Garfield Park/West Side -
Johalla Projects - 1821 W Hubbard St. ACRE Projects: Montgomery Kim. Reception 7-10pm.

Logan Square -
The Charnel House - 3421 W. Fullerton Ave. Sky Lines, work by Robin Dluzen, curated by MK Meador. Reception 6-9pm.

Saki - 3716 W. Fullerton. Roots, work by Sarah Santi. Reception 7-10pm.

Loop -
D Gallery - Columbia College Art + Design, 623 S. Wabash, Room 717D. Still Life, work by Academy Records, James Barry , The Bengala, Anthony Elms, Industry of the Ordinary, Chris Hammes. Kevin Jennings, Chris Kerr, Scott Speh, and Brian Taylor. Reception 1-2pm.

Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery - 100 W. Randolph. Figurism: Narrative and Fantastic Figurative Art from the Illinois State Museum Collection. Reception 5-7pm.

Ravenswood/Albany Park -
Avram Eisen Gallery - 5202 N. Damen Ave. Andy Finkle and Jimmy Wilnewic. Reception 5-9pm.

River North -
Russell Bowman Art Advisory - 311 W. Superior St. #115. Drawings. Reception 5:30-8pm.

Zolla / Lieberman Gallery - 325 W. Huron. The Question of Their Content, work by April Behnke, Caity Berndt, Antonia Gurkovska, Chinatsu Ikeda, Nazafarin Lotfi, Mario Romano, Kelly Romany, Carly Silverman, Erin Washington, Osamu Kobayashi, Magalie Guerin, and Brian Maller. Reception 5-8pm

West Loop -
Kavi Gupta Gallery - 835 West Washington. Index, work by Antonia Gurkovska. Reception 5-8pm.

Linda Warren Gallery - 327 N. Aberdeen. Asylum, work by Nicole Gordon; Delta Donuts, Migraine Weather, work by Alex O'Neal. Reception 6-9pm.

Robert Bills Contemporary - 222 N. Desplaines. Issuing Forth, work by Benjamin Chaffee, Timothy McMullen, Zoe Nelson & Josh Reames. Reception 6-9pm.

Wicker Park/South Milwaukee Corridor -
Corbett vs. Dempsey - 1120 N. Ashland Ave., 3rd fl. Negative Joy, work by Molly Zuckerman-Hartung. Reception 5-8pm.

One Strange Bird - 2515 W. North Ave. Gold Huffing, work by Ian Ferguson. Reception 6-9pm.

Park Schreck Gallery - 1747 W. North Ave. BOUNDARIES, work by Ted Stanuga and Jane Michalski. Reception 7-10pm

Bucktown/North Milwaukee Corridor -
2nd Floor Rear: a 24-hour festival of alternative and itinerate spaces - Blue Line/North West. February 4 at 12:00pm until February 5 at 12:00pm.

Garfield Park/West Side -  
Peregrineprogram - 3311 W Carroll Ave. #119. Radical, Work, work by Jon Waites. Reception 3-5pm.

Loop -
Bert Green Fine Art - 8 S. Michigan Ave. #1220. Group Show of Gallery Artists, work by Barron Storey, Elizabeth McGrath, Jeff Gillette, Carlee Fernandez, Laurie Hassold, Jen Heaslip, Shane Guffogg, Sandra Yagi, Clive Barker, Eduardo Villacis, Jessica Curtaz, John U. Abrahamson, and Gabor Ekecs. Reception 12-7pm.

Ravenswood/Albany Park -
Experimental Sound Studio - 5925 N. Ravenswood Ave. Noon Moons. Reception 7-9pm.

Las Manos Gallery - 5220 N. Clark St. sooner or later, work by Young Sun Han. Reception 6-10pm.

North Branch Projects - 3550 W. Lawrence Ave. Home Knowledge Spectacular. Reception 6-9pm.

West Loop -
Andrew Rafacz Gallery - 835 W. Washington Blvd. Scott Wolniak & Ben Durham. Reception 4–7pm.

Carrie Secrist Gallery - 835 W. Washington Blvd. (NO) Vacancy. Reception 5-8pm.

Wicker Park/South Milwaukee Corridor -
2nd Floor Rear: a 24-hour festival of alternative and itinerate spaces - Blue Line/North West. February 4 at 12:00pm until February 5 at 12:00pm.

Arc Gallery - 832 W. Superior St. #204. Marilyn: Artist as Icon. Reception 4-7pm.

Monique Meloche Gallery - 2154 W. Division St. Black Night Falling: Black holes and constellations, work by Kerry James Marshall; Haptic Wonders, work by Sheree Hovsepian. Reception 4-7pm.

Pilsen -
ACRE Projects - 1913 W. 17th St. I'D LANGUISH IN YOUR DUST, work by Alice Feldt. Reception 4-8pm.

Roxaboxen - 2130 W 21st St. ACRE Projects: Rebecca Beachy. Reception 4-8pm.

Garfield Park/West Side -  
Adds Donna - 4223 W. Lake St. The Field, the Mantel, work by Cupola Bobber, the duo of Stephen Fiehn and Tyler Myers. Reception 2-5pm.

Humboldt Park -
Peanut Gallery - 1000 N. California Ave. FORM OVER FUNCTION, work by Seth Deysach, Chris Bach, Bryan Boline, Dan Sullivan, Doug Thome, Zak Rose, Scott Patterson, Andrew Kephart, Aaron Pahmier, Craig Hamilton, Kate Votava, and Nick Lippert. Reception 5-9pm.

Hyde Park/South Side -
South Shore Cultural Center - 7059 S. South Shore Dr. Evolution, work by Dayo Laoye. Reception 2-6pm.

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