New Work: Alex Lee

Now Korea based artist Alex Lee's new work, The Glass House, combines computer simulated images of Philip Johnson's architectural landmark of the same name, combined with excerpts from The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista, a short piece by author J. G. Ballard. In Lee's own words, the work, "juxtaposes these two fictitious and realistic narratives to present an essay on Modernist architecture, psychological space, loss and memory." Pulling from such heavyweights as Johnson (also known for the Segram and AT&T buildings in New York) and Ballard (who, like Dickens, now has an adjective owing to his literary style), Lee produces an experience heavy in mood and brooding, bringing to my mind the experience of playing Phantasmagoria in grade school, always wondering what the next turn would be. I only wonder what the Brick House counterpart will be like, should it ever exist.

An excerpt from The Glass House can be found on Lee's website, alongside his earlier works, including one of my favorites, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. Lee currently lives and works in Daejeon, Korea, and has exhibited nationally and internationally, including at Waymaker Gallery in Yorktown, New Calodon, February Gallery in Chicago, Mio Photo in Osaka, Japan, and Doubner Space in Prague, Czech Republic.



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    WOAH -- wait. is this a direct reference or remake of ann lislegaard's crystal world (after jg ballard) like:

    i must know!

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