The Weekly Gallery Crawl (7/15-7/17)

The Weekly Gallery Crawl (7/15-7/17)
This week the intrepid gallery crawler bears upon his back one of Wim Delvoye's tatooed pigs. Wim's one of my faves, however, he does not have a show opening this weekend in Chicago. As for what is...

7/15 (Friday)
33 Contemporary Gallery - 1029 W. 35th St. 7th Annual National Self Portrait Exhibition. Reception 7-10pm.

The Edge Gallery - 6318 N. Clark St. Inter-mix. Reception 7-10pm.

DOVA Temporary Gallery -  5228 S. Harper Ave. Animality, work by Marius Aleksa, Theresa Ganz, Sara Garth, David Giordano, Jacqueline Hendrickson, Samantha Jones, Stacee Kalmanovsky, Melanie Kassel, Jessie Mott, Jasmine Neal, Elle Opitz, Hannah Pae, Valentina Solano, Cassandra Troyan, Jan Verwoert, Erik Wenzel and May Yeung. Reception 5-7:30pm.

Gallery Swarm - 2902 N. Clark St. Twisted Color, work by Ryan Karey. Reception 7-10pm.

HungryMan Gallery - 2135 N Rockwell St. Keepin’ it Real, work by Petra Cortright, Tom Dryjanski, Derek Frech, Aaron Graham and Mac Katter. Reception 7-10pm.

65Grand - 1369 W. Grand Ave. Philip von Zweck. Work by 7-10pm.

Prak-sis Gallery - 1917 W. Irving Park. Toyth, work by Brita Adamovicz, Merchant Adams, Tobey Albright, Pamela Bagdzinski, Adam Fotos, Todd Irwin, Imana Lupas, Jeff Semmerling, and Jennifer Trilik-Contaldo. Reception 6-9pm.

Ann Nathan Gallery - 212 W. Superior. Summer Group Show. Reception 5-8pm.

Catherine Edelman Gallery - 300 W. Superior St. The Chicago Project IV, work by Matt Austin, Justyna Badach, Jeremy Bolen, Dan Bradica, Troy Flinn, Lenny Gilmore, Wm. Bradley Johnson, Nate Mathews, Bill O'Donnell, TJ Proechel, Charlie Simokaitis and Shane Welch. Reception 5-8pm.

Echt Gallery - 222 W. Superior St. Youko Sano. Reception 5-8pm.

Gallery KH - 311 W. Superior. Luminosity, work by M. Ellen Cocose. Reception 5-8pm.

Gruen Galleries - 226 W. Superior. New Works by Pia Brix-Thomsen. Reception 6-8pm.

Jennifer Norback Fine Art, Inc. - 217 W. Huron. Holding Power, work by Jeremy Tubbs. Reception 5-8pm.

Judy Saslow Gallery - 300 W. Superior St. Inspired, work by Clyde Angel, Gerard Sendrey, and the artists of Thresholds. Reception 5-8pm.

Russell Bowman Art Advisory - 311 W. Superior. American Prints II, work by Africano, Amer, Baselitz, Bolotowsky, Borofsky, Brown, Diebenkorn, Dine, Dunham, Frankenthaler, Nutt, Oldenburg, Paschke, Scully, and Walker. Reception 5:30-8pm.

Zg Gallery - 300 W. Superior St. Boomtown, work by Amy Casey. Reception 5:30-8pm.

Chicago Photography Center - 3301 N. Lincoln Ave. First Exposure, work from American Indian Center of Chicago. Reception 7-9pm.

Dubhe Carreño Gallery - 118 N. Peoria St. 2nd Fl. Crazy Love Story, work by Maria ten Kortenaar. Reception 5-8:30pm.

Jackson Junge Gallery - 1389 N. Milwaukee Ave. Momentum Wild: The Art of Urban Cycling, work by Brian Morgan. Reception 6-9pm.

7/16 (Saturday)
Co-Prosperity Sphere - 3219 S Morgan St. ADDIS EXPERIENCE, work by Adrienne Pierluissi and Ken Vandermark. Reception 5pm-2am.

Royal Flesh Tattoo & Piercing - 4005 N. Broadway. Visage. Reception 7pm-midnight.

Gallery Provocateur - 2125 N. Rockwell St. Resurrection of Beauty. Reception 8pm-midnight.

Kunsthalle New - 1344 W 18th Pl. A Small Forest, co-curated by Bea Fremderman and Nicholas O’Brien and including work by Michael Manning, Camilla Padgitt-Coles, Kate Steciw and Michiel van der Zanden. Reception 7-10pm.

Shane Campbell Gallery - 673 N Milwaukee Ave. Roe Ethridge, Margarete Jakschik and Jonas Wood. Reception 6-8pm.

7/17 (Sunday)
The Suburban - 125 N. Harvey Ave. Au Plein Air, work by Simon Ingram and Doug Melini. Reception 2-4pm.

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