OPENING TONIGHT: Stations Lost by Tony Fitzpatrick at Steppenwolf

Chicago-based artist Tony Fitzpatrick’s play "Stations Lost", opening tonight at the Steppenwolf’s Garage Theater, follows last summer’s "This Train". To anyone familiar with Chicago’s art scene, Tony needs no introduction, but for the rest of you, he is best known for his intricate collages as well as for his no-commission, no-fee gallery, Firecat Projects. Playwright is only the latest in a long rack of other hats he’s worn.

On the Facebook event page for "Stations Lost", Tony describes it as follows: “In 'Stations Lost'; I stop in Maine and Istanbul on my way to L.A....I discover that Muslims dig me, invent a league of Useless Superheroes, bust out a dance-move or two, and get to pay-back the Nuns with a little haven't lived until you've threatened to beat a Nun's ass with her own stick........Don't miss it!” []

Last week Sarah Terez-Rosenblum, writing for the Chicago Sun-Times blog Our Town, interviewed Tony about "Stations Lost". You can read the interview here:

Fear No Art Chicago, hosted by Elysabeth Alfano, featured Tony Fitzpatrick, and the “webisode” is now available online:

"Stations Lost" incorporates a video projection, by Kristin Reeves, as part of the set. A short clip of the beginning of the video is posted on vimeo:

The text of the official Steppenwolf announcement:

From America’s border-towns to Istanbul’s Taksim Square, "Stations Lost" is the story of two friends, Tony Fitzpatrick and Stan Klein, and their commonalities and divergent paths in an ever-expanding world. Tony takes us through his childhood as a rebellious Catholic schoolboy obsessed with superheroes, reading MAD Magazine, and meeting Chester Gould through his adult understanding of the superhero mythos that leads him to strike out in search of the everyday superhero in the world via a journey to Istanbul. In Istanbul, where the people are Muslim and supposed to be “other”, Tony finds many of the same cast of characters that he knows and loves from Chicago. And they make a great time of it. From Tony’s encounter with a grumpy, smoke-free French man in the hotel pool, to the bombing of Taksim Square mere moments after Tony was headed home to O’Hare, the moments are funny, poignant, and thoughtful.

Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes with 1 intermission

For more information on the show, check out:

To purchase tickets, call Steppenwolf at 312-335-1650 or visit

"Stations Lost" runs from July 7th through July 24th.


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