Last weekend to see Stations Lost at the Steppenwolf

Tony Fitzpatrick's play Stations Lost ( has met with overwhelmingly positive reviews, and due to the response, the run has been extended through this weekend. This weekend is your last chance to check out Tony's play; it plays this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, at the Steppenwolf. Tickets are available by calling 312-335-1650, or online:

Chicago Tribune theater critic Chris Jones does a good job of describing what you're in for (, even if Jones does misspell the name of the street I live on. (It's Damen, like the German plural for a women or ladies, although pronounced differently, not Damon, like actor Matt Damon, although that's how it's pronounced.) To Jones' very astute review I will add only that the play has its best attributes in common with a long conversation with Tony: if you've never had this pleasure, Stations Lost is a great chance, and if you have, you're still sure to hear some Tony stories you haven't heard before, and these are some of his best.

My recommendation would be to try to catch Stations Lost on Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday, leaving your Friday night open to check out the opening at Tony's exhibition space, Firecat Projects. Shredded Sensibilities presents work by Justin Graham, Adam Shrewsbury, and Andrew Stickler. The opening is from 7pm to 10pm; Firecat Projects is located at 2124 N. Damen Ave., a reasonably short walk from the Blue Line stop at the six corners (Damen, North, and Milwaukee). If you can't make the opening (hopefully because you're at Stations Lost!), call 'em at 773-342-5381 for hours. The exhibition should be up through sometime in August.

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