How Do You Decide?

How Do You Decide?

I am busy all the time. I'm always working on or out doing something, be it making work, teaching, writing, looking at art, etc. Given that I, like everyone else in the world, have only a finite amount of time to spend doing all the things I need and want to do, I have to prioritize, and I have to decide what to do, when to do it, and where to go.

I spend a part of nearly every weekend out looking at art. An important part of this process is deciding where to go and what to see. As a result of building the Gallery Crawl each week, I tend to get a pretty good idea of what is out there. Obviously can can't (and don't want to) see everything, so I must decide what to see, and what to recommend (via WTFAYG? and my Bad at Sports Top 5). I have my criteria, but that's not what I'm interested in right now.

What I am curious about, however, is how you, my readers, decide where to go, and what drives you to keep going out. Do you go to see the work of your peers? Do you view primarily within your medium, or do you cast a wide net? Do you go to stay current, or just for the booze and buddies? Do you stick to one neighborhood, one type of space, or one group of people? Do you only go to your friends shows? Do you go to openings, or avoid them like the plague? Where do you NEVER go? Do you even go out to shows? If not, why not?

Feel free to comment, or if you have a longer response, email it to me ( and I may post it in a followup to this. Just curious.


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