Where the F*#K are YOU going? (7/1/11 & 7/3/11)


Follow me, my lovely little goslings, for this is where we fly this weekend...

FRIDAY (7/1/2011) -


A. Either/Or/Both at Threewalls (119 N. Peoria St., #2C). Work by Hans Peter Sundquist, Samantha Bittman, Michael Milano, Casey Droege, and Stephanie Brooks. Reception Friday from 6-9pm.

B. Solastalgia at Johalla Projects (1561 N Milwaukee Ave.). Work by Jenny Kendler. Reception Friday from 7-10pm.

C. Doubt Implies Guilt at DIG (2003 N. Point #3.). Work by Bert Stabler, Nick Black, and Jasime Young. Reception Friday from 6-9pm.

SATURDAY (7/2/2011) -


A. Transmit/Transmute at Comfort Station (2579 N. Milwaukee Ave.). Work by Adrian Moens. Reception Saturday from 7-10pm.

B. Subject: Object at ebersmoore (213 N Morgan St, 3C). Work by Christine Gray, Sabina Ott, Conrad Bakker and Stephanie McMahon. Reception Saturday from 6-9pm.

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