Where the F*#K are YOU going? (5/13 & 5/14)

How'bout this guy for awesome clip art! So confused, sooooo confoooooooosed. As for us, here's where the f*#k we're planning on going (assuming we don't get too lost)...

Friday Night -


Co-Prosperity Sphere - 3219 S. Morgan St. Riders, work by Johanna Wawro and Andy Resek. Reception 7pm-2am.

New Capital - 3114 W. Carroll St. CHILDERS / WARSH. Reception 7-10pm.


Roots and Culture - 1034 N. Milwaukee Ave. Bcc:, work by Brendan Meara and Frank Heath. Reception 6-9pm.

Shane Campbell Gallery - 673 N. Milwaukee Ave. Three to Five Faces, work by Mark Grotjahn. Reception 6-8pm.


Antena - 1765 S Laflin St. Daisy Chain, work by Adam Trowbridge and Jessica Westbrook. Reception 6-8pm.

Bridge Gallery - 2202 S. Halsted St. readymade self ; we <3 marcel duchamp. Reception 6-10pm.

Roxaboxen Exhibitions - 2130 W 21st St. wave wave, wind wind, bough bow, work by Joni Murphy, Mark Beasley & Isabella Ng, Benjamin Chaffee, Noah Furman, Millie Kapp, Hilary Kennedy, Annie Maurer, and Matthew Shalzi. Reception 7pm.


Packer Schopf Gallery - 942 W. Lake St. Miasma, work by Kevin Veara; Red Sky at Night, work by Rebecca Ringquist; Woolgathering, work by Monica Rezman. Reception 5-8pm.


Heaven Gallery - 1550 N Milwaukee Ave #2. Love Calls You By Your Name (Sometimes), work by Joseph Patrick Mault, Patrick Francis McGuan and Charles Thomas Fogarty. Reception 7-11pm.

Lloyd Dobler - 1545 W. Division St., 2nd fl. Chorus, work by Charles Mahaffee. Reception 6-10pm.


Saturday Night -


Courtney Blades - 1324 W Grand Ave. Grand Ideas, work by Hiba Ali, Eric Fleischauer, Drew Olivo, Chloe Siebert and Sam York. Reception 7-10pm. 


West Loop/Fulton Market Galleries - West Loop. Fulton Market District Chicago Artist's Month: Open Studios/Art Walk. Participating galleries include Mars Gallery, Morlen Sinoway Atelier, Linda Warren, EBERSMOORE, Packer Schopf, Brickermade, Chicago Party Animals, Audrey Nilsen Studio, Green Home Chicago, Kasia Kay Art Projects, Jan's Antiques, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, Chicago Sculpture Works, EC Gallery, Fix, Heidi Hess, Organic Looms, Koros Art and Style, Jupiter Outpost Coffee, Dodo at Dino's and Jeffrey Breslow Studio. Events from noon-5pm.

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