Where the F*#K are YOU going? (3/11-3/13)

Where the F*#K are YOU going? is a weekly selection of the gallery openings Jeriah and I are planning on attending this weekend. We may not make it to them all, but this is our plan. Would you like to join us?...

Fri 3/11 -


Catherine Edelman Gallery - 300 W. Superior St. Steve Schapiro. Reception 5-7pm.


Co-Prosperity Sphere - 3219 S. Morgan St. Uncle Freddy's All-Stars, work by Em'rynn Artunian, Thomas Hagen, and Billy Pozzo. Reception 6-9pm.


Golden Age - 119 N Peoria St. #2D. One Year Edit, work by Erik Lindman. Reception 6-9pm.


Stephen Daiter Gallery - 311 W. Superior St., #408. Dawoud Bey. Reception 5-8pm.


Threewalls - 119 N. Peoria St., #2C. Uh-Oh It's Magic, work by Ben Russell. Reception 6-9pm.

Sat 3/12 -


Iceberg Projects - 7714 N. Sheridan Rd. Waiting for Daylight, work by Dana Carter. Reception 6-9pm.


Monument 2 Gallery - 2007 N. Point St. You Can Never Step Into the Same River Twice, work by the Limited Liability Company. Reception 7-10pm.


Peregrineprogram - 500 W. Cermak Rd., #727. Black, work by Candida Alvarez. Reception 1-4pm.

Sun 3/13 -


ACRE Projects - 1913 W. 17th St. Frontispiece, work by Becket Flannery; The Uncanny Imagination, work by Grant Ray. Reception 4-8pm.


Renaissance Society - Cobb Hall 418, 5811 S. Ellis Ave. The Age of Aquarius, work by Carol Bove, Amy Grappell, and David Noonan. Reception 4-7pm.

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