Monday Morning Quarterback: 3/11/2011

Another wonderful weekend of spending every night out looking at so much. Friday night was a success, we saw lots of great
stuff, made it to two extra exhibitions I needed to make it to on top
of my listed plans, gave rides to two people (which always makes me
happy when we're driving), and generally had a good time. Saturday
afternoon, I headed out to the ole' Jeepie to drive down to
and, low and behold, Jeepie wouldn't start. Sunday
found me having her towed to Axtman, and running around crazy trying to
take care of everything I was planning on doing with the Jeep. So, sorry
to the few people I said we would see Saturday and Sunday. So that's
that. But like I said, we did see some great stuff Friday night: Stephen
, Catherine Edelman, 3Walls, Golden Age, New Capital, Zhou Bros.,
and Co-Pro. J:  I'm going to leave the photo criticism mostly to Stephanie, except to say that Taxi Driver is a freakin' sweet movie, that Jodie Foster was smoking hot in it even if that is creepy ("I'd hit Reagan for that!"), and the haircut (my fauxhawk carpet strip that looks like DeNiro's from the movie) was a coincidence.  I mean, I asked Steph to give me "The Taxi Driver haircut," but it was about a week before the opening and we hadn't heard about it yet.  So it was a cool coincidence.

S: Indeed, both the Edelman and the Daiter show were great. Edelman was less of a photo show in the traditional sense, and more of a trip down memory lane/ visit to one of those Hollywood memorabilia stores. I too love Taxi Driver, and the images were beautiful to see crisp and large. As for Dawoud over at Daiter, it is always interesting to get a glimpse at the beginning work of a successful photographer. These intimate images, though not as distinctive as Dawoud's later work, reveal a comfort with and respect toward his subjects that permeates his later work.

J: The show at Co-Prosperity Sphere, Uncle Freddy's All Stars, was really awesome.  Thomas Hagen's paintings look like Maya glyphs, a fascinating subject for me, and Em'rynn Artunian's investigations of nature remind me of how badly I miss the out-of-doors.  It's been so long since I've lived somewhere I can just walk out the door and into the woods...Artunian's work reminds me that I'm long overdue.  Something there is that doesn't love a wall...

But it was Billy Pozzo who stole the show for me.  His work hits right up that dirty, lowbrow, R. Crumb, Heavy Metal, Frank Frazetta, GWAR kind of alley that I love, and Pozzo backs it up with technical skill that'll blow your brains you.  His work reminds me a lot of William Marhoefer, who runs Broken Art Restoration as well as creating sculptures, sometimes starting with a baseball or an animal skull as the foundation.

Pozzo's got a bunch of different bodies of work:  photorealistic portraits in graphite (not included in this exhibition), custom-made motorcycle gas tanks, small Sculpey sculptures, and dioramas.  His dioramas, Boxer, Paul The Half-Boy MacGranet, Jail, and especially Shrunken Head are absolutely amazing.  Shrunken Head is disgusting, creepy, and amazing, like something that Pan's Labyrinth and Nightmare Before Christmas could have been if they had been Siamese twins that showed in a gritty, closed-down porno theater.

Unfortunately these incredible dioramas, although very reasonably priced, were nevertheless outside Steph and my very limited art budget,  However, and quite fortunately, Pozzo does some smaller work that is very economically priced, including some small drawings and some small heads.  We found one of the latter that we absolutely loved.  It's similar to most of his heads, but there was something really unique about this one:  it's cut off at the mouth, like it's swimming in whatever surface it's set on.  Pozzo told us that this was a result of it being the last of a batch and him not having enough of the material he was casting them out of, so that's as much as he could get in the mold.  The result, though, is awesome, really creepy.  We're going to display it in a bowl of sand, so it looks like he's swimming through quicksand or something.

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