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My mother grew up in the Tri-Cities in south-eastern Washington, not far from Hanford. The house she grew up in, and in which I spent most of my summers as a child, was build around the skeleton of a trailer my grandfather bought from Hanford after its part of the Manhattan Project ended. This summer I'm heading back to Washington to document the demise of that house, as well as going on a guided tour of the Hanford plant.

From nukes we were born.

Current events force us, as a society and as a species, to re-evaluate our relationship to the atom. The Nevada Desert and the Bikini Atoll, Fat Man and Little Boy, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and now Fukushima, these all bear heavy on our collective mind and collective survival. Artists, as cultural analysts and cultural critics, have been working with the atom, the bomb, and the cooling tower for as long as they have existed in our lives. Here I present a brief survey of artistic reactions to the nuclear age...



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