The Chicago Gallery Snack Report (1/14/11 & 1/15/11)

by Jeriah Hildwine and Stephanie Burke


This past Friday, January 14th, we visited Rhona Hoffman, Peter Miller, Western Exhibitions, Threewalls, ebersmoore, and 65Grand.  Saturday we headed up to Evanston to see  iceberg projects, then down to Ukranian Village for Floor Length and Tux.  I also owe a little shout-out to the events of Saturday the 8th and
Sunday the 9th.  Friday January 7th was covered in the last Snack Report
but there were good snacks on the weekend proper as well!  Read on for details, and click through the slideshow for pictures!

Friday, January 14th


Peter Miller Gallery - 118 N. Peoria. Echoes, work by Stas Orlovski. Reception 5-8pm.

Peter Miller

A table bearing wine, conveniently placed by the entrance to Peter Miller.

Peter Miller Gallery featured a conveniently-placed table, right by the front door, bearing red wine and cups.  The open bottle was mostly empty, but staff were informed, an opener was produced, and another bottle was opened.  I'm half tempted to start bringing my own opener to openings, because this happens so often, but I'm afraid gallery staff would think it's weird, or mistake me for some crazy homeless guy just trying to make off with the wine.

Rhona Hoffman Gallery
- 118 N. Peoria St. Chromatic Patterns for Chicago and Blob Paintings,
work by Judy Ledgerwood; Rewinds, work by Anne Wilson. Reception

Rhona Hoffman

Rhona Hoffman kept white wine in a bucket of ice.

Rhona Hoffman was keeping a bucket full of ice behind the desk, in which bottles of white wine were left to chill.  Staff kept a number of filled cups set up on the desk.  Steph and I each helped ourselves to one.

Rhona Hoffman

Jeriah enjoying a cup of white wine, courtesy of Rhona Hoffman.

Threewalls - 119 N. Peoria St., #2C. Mindy Rose Schwartz. Reception 6-9pm.

Threewalls had their usual donation-based beverages, and we hadn't brought any cash, so we abstained.  I believe it was $2 for beer or wine, and $5 for an absinthe cocktail.  I need to remember to bring cash when I come to Threewalls, because I love me a good absinthe cocktail.

Western Exhibitions - 119 N. Peoria St., suite 2A. Heads on Poles; Negative Litanies, work by Terence Hannum. Reception 5-8pm.

Western Exhibitions appeared to be dry this time around.  They've usually got something so maybe I missed it; it was PACKED in there, The Heads on Poles show especially, so keeping that many people lubricated would have been a tall order.  Hey, speaking of Western Exhibitions, I wonder if they still have those Deb Sokolow whiskey glasses.  I really want a pair.  (I forget what kind of glasses they were exactly, but I'd drink whiskey out of 'em, I'm pretty sure.)

ebersmoore - 213 N Morgan St, 3C. I'm Here, You're There, work by Howard Fonda. Reception 6-9pm.

Ebersmoore had the usual cans of beer, I think it was the classic choice of Miller High Life or Pabst, but we may not have gotten a photo.  Well, you know what a can of Pabst looks like, and you know what I look like drinking one.  Picture that here.

65Grand - 1369 W. Grand Ave. Declaimed, work by Nicholas Knight. Reception 7-10pm.

Like ebersmoore, 65Grand had cans of beer, again I think Miller High Life, and again, no photo.  A lot of people we knew showed up to this show, so we hung out a while drinking beer, talking, and sort of taking in the art through osmosis.  Last time, the first show at 65 Grand's new location I think, and certainly my first time there, we were really rushed, so it was nice to be able to spend some time there this time.

iceberg projects - 7714 N Sheridan Rd. He Opened Up Somewhere Along the Eastern Shore, work by Jason Hanasik. Reception 6-9pm.

Iceberg Projects

Iceberg's wine bar was out on the chilly patio, but featured a nice propane heater.

This was our first time at Iceberg, and it's a cool place.  Oh, the puns!  No but really, it was cold out.  Fortunately, although the bar was out on the patio, it was appointed with a nice tall propane heater, so it was inviting to sit and chat.  Well, by "sit" I mean stand as close as possible to the heater.  Smokers appreciated the warmth and proximity to wine.  Red or white, I had red.

Floor Length and Tux - 2332 W Augusta Blvd, 3F. FLAT 8, work by Christy LeMaster, Chris Hefner, Catie Olson and EC Brown. Reception 7-10pm.

Floor Length and Tux

Floor Length had beer, wine, and snacks! Here Jeriah enjoys his red wine.

Floor Length and Tux had beer, wine, and this sweet cake-bread stuff that was full of poppy seeds.  Reminded me of something I had in Budapest about a year ago.  Nice stuff.  I stuck to red wine, while Steph had beer.

And now, to wrap up Saturday and Sunday from the weekend before...

Saturday - 1/8
Andrew Rafacz Gallery
- 835 W Washington Blvd. New Inventory, work by Ali Bailey, Zachary
Buchner, Robert Heinecken, John Opera, Nancy Spero, Matt Stolle and
Wendy White. Reception 4-7pm.  Through January 29th.

The bar at Andrew Rafacz.

Andrew Rafacz featured a casual bar setup with various bottles and cups on it.  I really only paid attention to the bottle of red wine, and a cup.

Tony Wight Gallery - 845 W. Washington Blvd. Talia Chetrit and Daniel Gordon; Three Specific Works, work by Matthew Metzger. Reception 6-8pm.  Through February 19th.

Got to be honest, I don't remember what they had here; I think it was wine, maybe some beer.  I did like the show, though.

Roots and Culture
- 1034 N. Milwaukee Ave. A Certain Ratio, work by Elijah Burgher, Ryan
Fenchel, Jonah Groeneboer, Shane Huffman, and Erin Zona. Reception
6-9pm.  Through February 12th.

Jeriah snags a snack at Roots and Culture.

Roots and Culture wins this weekend's Snack Report Honorable Mention or whatever.  The guys that run this place have a pretty strong track record of putting out some awesome snacks, and I recently heard from an unnamed source that at least one of 'em is a chef in some capacity.  Well, whatever the reason, they had awesome snacks.  In the front tray in the photo above were some little flaky pastry things, like mini-croissant bits, that had what I'm guesing was an olive tapenade on them.  They were excellent.  Behind them, those yellow dot things are like mini lemon tortes.  I'm not sure what they were but they were far, far better than your average "cookie with lemon icing."  In the big bowl were some kind of long, skinny pastry sticks.  I remember them being good but I remember less about them than the other two things.  Thanks for the snacks, guys, you're awesome!

Sunday - 1/9

Renaissance Society - 5811 S. Ellis Ave., Cobb Hall 418. A Thing is a Hole in a Thing It is Not, work by Gerard Byrne. Reception 4-7pm.  Through February 27th.

Jeriah with a cup of red wine, at the discussion with Gerard Byrne and Hamza Walker.

The Renaissance Society typically serves refreshments at their receptions, and this was no exception.  We had red wine.  Normally they prohibit the bringing of wine into the exhibition area, resulting in a sort of limbo where people try to look at the art, talk with their friends, and drink wine, and usually end up stacked in the lobby because that's where their friends are:  by the wine.  This time viewers were encouraged to bring wine into the exhibition space, I can only assume in part because the works were video projections and not terrible susceptible to spill-induced damage.  Good call!  It was a lot of fun.  Steph and I got a second cup of wine and brought it with us to the discussion, a wise move which was applauded by all who noticed.


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