Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Thursday, January 27, and Saturday, January 29, 2011

by Jeriah Hildwine
photos by Stephanie Burke


This Snack Report covers a Chicago Now Tweet-Up, Peter Saul and Brian Calvin at Corbett vs. Dempsey, Ben Fain and Shannon Stratton at Monique Meloche, and (Fig. 4) at Pentagon Gallery. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chicago Now Tweet-Up At Casey Moran's

As you know, snack reporting is hard work.  I have to stuff myself like a competitive eater and pound free booze like I'm being initiated into a fraternity, every week.  It takes its toll, but you, my readers, are worth it.  You need to know what's out there, and no sacrifice is too great to bring you the news from the front lines of the Battlefield of Snacks.  Every month, my many employees and interns are gathered together to shower me with praise for my many accomplishments in the field of snack research, in exchange for which I fill their horns with mead, and break gold rings off my arms to distribute to my loyal followers.

That's not true.  Actually my wife is my boss and I just do what she tells me.  And there's no interns.  Sometimes she tells me that Chicago Now is having a Tweet Up, which apparently involves going to a bar, drinking free booze, and eating free food, and occasionally meeting someone I don't know.  It's like the gallery crawl but without the art.  Check out the slideshow to see what we ate!

Peter Saul:  Stupid Arguments, and Brian Calvin:  New Paintings, at Corbett vs. Dempsey

Corbett vs. Dempsey was serving red and white wine; we had red.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Experiment:  Ben Fain and Shannon Stratton at Monique Meloche

This event started at 1pm, which is apparently a little too early for wine even on a Saturday...even my grandma doesn't usually pop her first bottle until 3 or so.  Plus it was cold out, so Monique Meloche's decision to serve hot cups of coffee was probably for the best.  I'm a big fan of art events which serve coffee.  Rooms Productions has at times had coffee at their evening shows (a welcome wake-me-up after a long night of drinking wine!) and Packer-Schopf and I believe Peter Miller have hosted coffee or brunch receptions.  It's nice.  Instead of cramming one more event into a busy Friday night, why not mix it up a bit?  No pictures of the coffee pot, but you can see Ben Fain and Shannon Stratton in the slideshow.

(Fig. 4): Anthony Creeden, Bret Schneider, JL Murtaugh and Xavier Jimenez at Pentagon Gallery

Pentagon, like most Chicago apartment galleries, is a pretty dedicated "cheap cans of domestic beer" venue.  The three most commonly served beers at Chicago apartment galleries are Old Style, Pabst, and Miller High Life.  Pentagon was serving Pabst.  The bar was asking a $1 donation per beer; the bartender was a friend of mine and she bought me a beer, which was super nice of her.  Then I realized that I had a bunch of singles in my wallet, so I kept going back, dropping a dollar in the jar, and pouring each beer into my new drinking horn that my mother-in-law got me.  It's excellent, although it holds slightly less than 12oz. so you've got to fill it, drink some, and then pour the rest of the beer in.  You can see it in the slideshow.

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