Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Friday, January 9, 2011

by Jeriah Hildwine, photos by Stephanie Burke


David Weinberg Gallery - 300 W. Superior St., #203. The Collective. Reception 5-8pm.

David Weinberg, as usual, had red and white wine.  This is their last show as a gallery per se, but stay tuned for exhibitions of Weinberg's own photography!

Zg Gallery
- 300 W. Superior St. Winter Group Show, work by Martina Nehrling,
Justin Henry Miller, Dan Gamble, and Jackie Tileston. Reception

Zg Gallery is very reliable:  you can have anything you want, as long as it's white wine.

Ann Nathan Gallery - 212 W. Superior St. Bruno Surdo and Stephen Cefalo. Reception 5-8pm.

Ann Nathan gave us our choice of red or white wine.  As usual I opted for red.  I also saw what appeared to be the remants of a bowl of chips.  I grabbed a chip fragment but they were pretty picked over.  Thanks for the wine, though!  I also really enjoyed this show, so it ain't all about the chips.

Ken Saunders Gallery - 230 W. Superior. Sculptors, work by Rick Beck, Jay Musler, Richard Royal, Thomas Scoon. Reception 5-7pm

Oh, Ken Saunders, how did you get so awesome?  You might get the idea that glass dealers are all a bunch of stuffy fuddy-duddies, but not so:  Ken knows how to party!  He wasn't even really having an opening for a new show or anything, but the email said "Winter Cocktails," so of course we were there!  As soon as we walked in the door, Ken spotted us and, knowing us to be enthusiasts of fine beverages, ran over, saying, "You guys have got to try this!"

"This" turned out to be a fantastic creation called a "Winter Sky."  It consisted of blue curacao, Svedka clementine-flavored vodka, and champagne.  It was AMAZING!  Even if you're not normally a fan of studio glass, you should swing by one of Ken's openings.  He's usually got something tasty out, and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised by the art, as well.

Catherine Edelman Gallery - 300 W. Superior St. The City, work by Lori Nix. Reception 5-8pm

Edelman has some really cool photos by Lori Nix up; unfortunately, the snacks were also nix:  just sparking water.  If you're headed to Edelman (and you should, she's one of a few great photo galleries in town), you might pack a flask of gin so you can make yourself a gin and tonic.

Stephen Daiter Gallery - 230 W. Superior. Mostly Small and Serious, work by Elliott Erwitt. Reception 5-8pm

While a lot of galleries are very regular in their snack offerings, Daiter keeps you guessing.  Sometimes he's got a pretty wide array of gallery fare (hummus and pita, veggies and dip, cheese and grapes, that sort of thing), and once he even had a full-on hot dog cart in the gallery!  This time, it was just wine, and again, I had red.

Carl Hammer Gallery - 740 N. Wells St. Mars: Adrift on the Hourglass Sea, work by Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick. Reception 5:30-8pm

White wine, sparkling water, and Coke.  Uh, separately.  I had white wine.  That makes me wonder, though, what they'd be like together.  Red wine and Coke is pretty good; it's popular in Spain where they call it Calimocho.  White wine might not go so well with Coke...but maybe white wine and Sprite?  Sounds like a job for science!

Packer Schopf Gallery
- 942 W. Lake St. Cryptogram, work by Deborah Baker; So Alone and
Mystified, work by Michael Krueger; You're Partially to Blame, work by
Dominic Paul Moore
. Reception 5-8pm

Packer Schopf is usually a white wine only kind of place, but this time they had beer as well.  And all three bartenders:  Oscar, Tony, and Blaire!  You guys are great.  I started with a glass of white wine, as did Stephanie, but when she saw there was beer, she wanted one of those instead, so I finished her wine for her.  We stayed quite a while, getting caught up in conversation, so I ended up having a beer as well:  a Miller High Life, if I recall correctly. 

I think that tallies up to ten drinks, for me, and close to that for Steph, and not a bite to eat.  Fortunately a friend took us out for Indian food right afterwards, so we didn't starve to death.

So, in conclusion:

Snack Report 2011-01-09.jpg

Be sure and check out the slideshow for pictures!


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