Flesh and Bone

On Saturday, October 30th, FLESH and BONE: a macabre cocktail of aesthetics and horror, opened, ran, and closed, at the Hyde Park Art Center & Co-Prosperity Sphere. Since it was de-facto Halloween, and both venues are pretty far south from most other art venues and parties, a lot of people couldn't make it to the shows. Since both shows were only up of one night, we shot lots of images and are presenting them here so that you can check out the exhibit.

Curated by Stephanie Burke, Annie Heckman, & Jeriah Hildwine

Works by Jesse Avina, Jason Brammer, Stephanie Burke, Rob Carter, Death by Design, Co., Aaron Delehanty, Adam Benjamin Fung, Michael Garcia ,Elise Goldstein, Nicole Gordon, Annie Heckman, Jeriah Hildwine, Krista Hoefle, Vesna Jovanovic, Jason Lahr, Alexis Anne Mackenzie, Mark Mulroney, Dominic Paul Moore, Rachel Niffenegger, Jim Pavelec, Michael Rea, Jason Robinette, Esta Roh, & Emily Roz

Thanks to those of you who made it down, and we missed those of you who couldn't make it. Hopefully we'll be doing another exhibit along these lines next October, which we'll have up more along the lines of a normal exhibition schedule.

Take a look at the show below in our slideshow...

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