Monday Morning Quarterback, October 8th & 9th

by Stephanie Burke and Jeriah Hildwine


Hello again everyone! Jeriah and I are working our way back up to our previous levels of art viewing. We made it to three shows this weekend, but missed so many others. Hopefully we can make it to some of the venues we missed this weekend before the shows come down. As for where we made it to...

Invisible Cities, at Work Studio, curated by Laura Elayne Miller, featuring work by Stephanie Bassos, Liene Bosquê, and Aaron Delehanty.  Opening Reception: Friday, October 8, 2010, 6-10pm;Gallery Hours: October 9 & 10, 2010, 1-6pm.

Fill in the Blank Gallery - 5038 N. Lincoln Ave. Persistence of Vision, work by Learning. Reception 7-11pm.

LVL3 - 1452 N Milwaukee Ave, 3. Quarterly Site #4: Registers, curated by
Andrew Blackley, Stephanie Burke and Steve Ruiz, featuring the work of
Duncan Anderson, Susan Giles, Anna Kunz, Oliver Laric and Nathaniel
Robinson. Reception 6-10pm.

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