Where the F*#K are you going? (9/24 & 9/25)

Hello, hello, hello, my darling Chicago art kids. Kids, eh? you may say. Yes, you, me, them, we're art kids. I must tell you all, I have been insanely busy lately. Last weekend was productive, went to Ohio and made some art. Jeep is making weird smells again, but I guess that's what I get for having an '89 Jeep with 260,000 miles on it. She's a bad-ass old girl, but she's always got issues. Looking forward to the start of Co-Prosperity School next week, and Knob Creek next month. Gonna be a good time. As for this weekend... We're not jumping around as much as usual. You can see my picks on BaS,
but we're not going to be able to make it to all the awesome openings on
Friday. Jeriah is in the Noble & Superior show. Photographers vs. painters basketball game. It's gonna be AWESOME. But, it limits us for Friday night.

As for Saturday night, I want to hit up Golden Age and Ben Russell. Golden Age is hosting the release party for Can I Come Over to Your House: The First Ten Years of The Suburban. Any of you who don't know about The Suburban, uh, what rock have you been sitting under? As for Ben Russell, weird place, weird show, no idea what to expect, but I want to see what they have going on.

That's my weekend. For the daytime, I'll be sitting at my computer, working on Art Appreciation slide shows and HPAC syllabi. Mmmm...fun times.

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