Where the F*#K are you going? (10/1 & 10/3)

The travel plans...


A. Architrouve - 1433 W. Chicago Ave. Leap of Faith, work by James Jankowiak. Reception 6-9pm. 10/1-11/19.

B. Transistor - 5045 N
Clark St. GLI.TC/H run.time & real.time program 1, work by Theodore
Darst, Ben Baker Smith, Cole Pierce, Omar Mashal, Clint Ens, Morgan
Higby Flowers, Antonio Roberts, Evan Meaney, Richard O'Sullivan and
BotBorg and performances by Aaron Zarzutzki, Morgan Higby Flowers, Jeff
Donaldson, Vadim Sprikut Anton Marini, jon.satrom, Jason Soliday. Event



A. Julius Cæsar - 3311 W. Carroll Ave. Heliopolis, work by Cornet Baldwin. Reception 4-7pm. 10/3-10/31.

B. What It Is - 1155 S Lyman Ave, Oak Park. Caitlin Arnold. Reception 4-9pm. 10/3-10/30.

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