Monday Morning Quarterback Recap

by Stephanie Burke and Jeriah Hildwine
Jeriah and I have been running a bit ragged the past few weeks, and thus have been falling behind on MMQB. Now that we're trying to catch up, we're bringing you two sped-up recaps, one for the Snack Report, and one, here of MMQB and the work we've seen over the past few weeks.

Covered in this recap:

Friday 8/20 -
Eastern Expansion - 244 W 31st St. Squaring the Circle, work by Corinne D'Agustino and Thomas I'Anson. Reception 6-10pm. 8/20-9/10.

Co-Prosperity Sphere - 3219 S Morgan St. Corazón Grafico/Corazón Urbano, work by Gabriel Villa. Reception 7-11pm. 8/20-9/3.

Saturday 8/21 -
Swimming Pool Project Space - 2858 W. Montrose Ave. Love Letters to Antarctica, work by Lorien Jordan and Annie Heckman. Reception 7-10pm. 8/21-9/12.

Sunday 8/29 -
What It Is - 1155 S Lyman Ave, Oak
Park. The Chromatic number of objects in a room, work by Susan Garguilo
and Troy Hagenbart. Reception 3-8pm. 8/29-9/24.

Friday 9/3 -
Golden Gallery - 816 W. Newport Ave., #1. Patricia Treib. Reception 6-9pm. 9/3-10/16.

International Museum of Surgical Science - 1524 N. Lake Shore Dr. Street Anatomy, curated by Vanessa Ruiz. Reception 5-9pm. 9/3-11/19.

Don't forget, Friday, September 10th, is the opening night of the Fall
gallery season.  River North from 5pm on, with free shuttles to the West
Loop, running til 9pm.  Stay tuned here and at Chicago Art Magazine for maps, plans, and updates.

Jeriah is an artist, educator, writer, and snack enthusiast.  You can see his work at,
and read his columns at Art Talk Chicago and Chicago Art Magazine. 
Jeriah lives and works in Chicago, with his wife Stephanie Burke.

Stephanie Burke
was born in Nevada City, CA in 1984. She received her BA in Studio Art
and Anthropology from Humboldt State University in 2007, and her MFA in
Photography from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009.
Currently she lives in Chicago with her husband Jeriah, makes work,
teaches, writes for Bad at Sports, is Editor-in-Chief of Art Talk
Chicago, works as Managing Editor and Director of Operations at Chicago
Art Magazine, as well as maintaining her own blog, The Gallery Crawl
and So Much More. When not making, teaching, looking at, or writing
about art, she enjoys running around in the woods, drinking beer by
bonfires, crazy quilting and target shooting.

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