Where the F*#K are you going? (Friday 8/13)

by Jeriah Hildwine, filling in for Stephanie Burke

Well, it's Friday the 13th tomorrow, and Stephanie's sick, so the auspices are not favorable.  But, it's been almost three weeks since I've gone out on opening night, so I'm pretty overdue.  (Not counting an artist talk at Linda Warren by Lora Fosberg and Chris Cosnowski, which was awesome, plus they hand sandwiches.  I also went to First Thursdays last week and had a dirty martini at Ken Saunders, which was every bit as good as the one I had at the opening.)

At any rate, Steph's sick in bed, so it's up to me to figure out where I'm going this weekend.  Let's see...
We've got the car back, so now I've got to decide between taking transit, driving, and riding my bike.  Transit is slow and can get expensive, driving means I can't get drunk, and riding my bike means not only can't I get really drunk, but I also have to deal with drunk assholes yelling at me out of the back of taxicabs, when I'm in a goddamned bike lane in the first place.  So it's a tough call.  I think we're going to drive, since Steph isn't feeling so hot, we can make it a quick night, hit just a few places so she doesn't wear herself out.  Since she's sick, I bet I can talk her into being my designated driver, not that it's really an issue with this few stops.

Regardless, I believe my plans will go something like this:

Friday, August 13th

Friday, August 13.jpg

ebersmoore - 213 N Morgan St, 3C. The Big Gray Con, work by B.C. MacEachran. Reception 6-9pm. 8/13-9/18.

Rotofugi Gallery
- 1955 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago Variety Show, work by Jeremiah Ketner,
Myong Kurily, Jim Pavelec, David Rettker, Shawn Roberts, and Chema
Skandal. Reception 7-10pm. 8/13-8/22.

Fill in the Blank Gallery - 5038 N. Lincoln Ave. A Walking Tour of Here, work by Justin Santora. Reception 7-11pm. 8/13-9/4.

I would really also like to see LVL3 at Merchandise Mart, and if we were taking the train I'd definitely stop and check it out.  If we're driving, though, it doesn't really fit with our route.  Looks like a fun idea for a show, and if you're taking the Brown Line or will otherwise be near Merch Mart, you should stop and see what it's all about.  Info for that show follows:

LVL3 @ The Merchandise Mart -
Suite 1573 @ 222 West Merchandise Mart Plaza. Variations on a Theme,
work by Paul Cowan, Scott Cowan, Christopher Gatton, Michael Hunter and
Vanesa Zendejas. Reception 5-9pm. 8/13-8/27.

Saturday, August 14th

Stephanie and I will be in Michigan, getting some handgun training (despite recent court rulings, you still can't do THAT in Chicago, although there is a pistol range, Illinois Gunworks, in Elmwood Park).  So, unfortunately we're going to miss out on a couple of good shows.  Both Pastoral at Kasia Kay and Feeble Intimacy at LVL3 seem like things Steph, especially, would have been interested in, and the latter includes work by Liz Nielsen of Swimming Pool Project Space.  I've been to most of her openings but haven't gotten a chance to see her work.  I don't usually manage to make to back to galleries if I miss the opening, but this is one I'm going to have to make it a point to come back to.

Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery - 215 N. Aberdeen St. PASTORAL, work by Kim Curtis and S.J. Hart. Reception 4-6pm.

LVL3 - 1452 N Milwaukee Ave, 3. Feeble Intimacy, work by Liz Nielsen, Kate Ruggeri and Brendan Sullivan.

All right, that's it.  Those are the plans.  Hope to see you out there.  Even if you don't care for my picks, just get out there and see some damned art.

Jeriah is an artist, educator, writer, and snack enthusiast.  You can see his work at www.jeriahhildwine.com, and read his columns at Art Talk Chicago and Chicago Art Magazine.  Jeriah lives and works in Chicago, with his wife Stephanie Burke.

Stephanie Burke
was born in Nevada City, CA in 1984. She received her BA in Studio Art
and Anthropology from Humboldt State University in 2007, and her MFA in
Photography from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009.
Currently she lives in Chicago with her husband Jeriah, makes work, teaches, writes for Bad at Sports, is Editor-in-Chief of Art Talk Chicago, works as Managing Editor and Director of Operations at Chicago Art Magazine, as well as maintaining her own blog, The Gallery Crawl and So Much More.
When not making, teaching, looking at, or writing about art, she enjoys
running around in the woods, drinking beer by bonfires, crazy quilting
and target shooting.

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