Where the F*#K are you going? (8/28/10)

Well, another pre-blowout weekend, another small list of shows. This Friday, we're not going out to art galleries. Saturday, however, we're hitting two awesome shows. Come along if you like...




A. The Hills Esthetic Center - 128 N. Campbell Ave., Unit G. Beach Party, work by Caitlin Arnold, Jessica Taylor Caponigro, Olivia Ciummo, Paul Cowan, Scott Cowan, Frank Van Duerm, Ron Ewert, Michael Hunter, Leo Kaplan, Katy Keefe, Nicole Kita, Michael Kloss, Ben Marcus, Joseph Mohan, Sara Mosk, Matt Nichols, Eddie Peters, Dustin Ruegger, and Lauren Walsh. Reception 8-11pm. 8/28-9/10.

B. The Exhibition Agency - 2351 N. Milwaukee Ave., 2nd fl. Uncrumpling This Much Crumpled Thing, work by Gina Beavers, Chris Bradley, Andrew Guenther, Anna Krachey, Elisa Lendvay, Tim Louis Graham, and Eliza Myrie. Reception 7-10pm. 8/28-9/25.

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