Where the F*#K are YOU going? (Friday 7/9)

Another gripping installment in the ongoing saga of Where
the F*#K are YOU going? We have lofty plans for this Friday, but unfortunately,
I think our Jeep blew a head gasket. Land of lame. We (Jeriah and I) try and
visit as many show as we can every week, to keep the pulse of the Chi art scene
and support our local artists.  If
we can't make it to your show in the near future, we apologize, but the car
gods just told us to "suck it!"  And now, for WTFAYG? Read on my friends, read on... 


A. Packer Schopf
- 942 W. Lake St. Gleaners, Hawkers, and Reapers, work by
Catherine Jacobi, Skivery, work by Nancy Bardawil and Casey Gunsheland,
South County Scrapbook, work by Danny Hein. Reception 5-8pm. 7/9-8/21.


B. No Coast Exhibitions &
- 1500 W 17th St. Closing Reception for Megha Gupta: VISIONS FROM
THE BURNED FOREST. Reception and digestibles at 6pm.


C. Pentagon -
961 W 19th St, 1F. Living Treasure, work by Carl Baratta, Carolina Wheat,
Montgomery Perry Smith, Theodore Darst and Ryan Ingebritson. Reception 7-10pm.

D. Chicago
Art Department
- 1837 S Halsted St. Action!, work by works by Ryan Roberts,
Christophe Roberts, Clare Rosean, Nat Soti, Jim Jeffers, Ali Serradge, Sarah
and Joseph Belknap, Kayce Bayer, Chris Lin, and Kerry Flaherty. Reception


E. Noble &
Superior Projects
- 1418 W. Superior St. Younger Than Janis, work by Marcel
Alcala, Ryan Barone, Lucas Blair, Patrick Bobilin, Connor Camburn, Kevin
Clancy, Adam Cruces, Cara Anne Greene, Eliza Koch, Andre & Evan Lenox,
Vanessa Macholl, Celia Marks, Ross Meckfessel, Michael Morris, Erin Nixon,
Michael Radziewicz, Anna Rochinski, Steve Ruiz, Liz Rugg, Hannah Verrill, Blair
Waters, Ali White, Andrew Norman Wilson and Travis Wyche. Reception 6-10pm.


F. Fill in
the Blank Gallery
- 5038 N. Lincoln Ave. Visible City: Map Room, work by
Aaron Delehanty. Reception 7-11pm. 7/9-8/7.

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