Where the F*#K are YOU going? (6/04 & 6/06)

Another gripping installment in the ongoing saga of Where the F*#K are YOU going? Read on my friends, read on...  FRIDAY -


A. International Museum of Surgical Science - 1524 N. Lake Shore Dr. Chromatherapy, work by Patrick Ryoichi Nagatani & Yew Tree Project, work by Carolyn Bernstein. Reception 5-8pm. 6/4-8/20.

B. Noble & Superior Projects - 1418 W. Superior St. Sense Objects, work by Kate O'Neill and Rebecca Kressley. Reception 6-10pm. 6/4-7/7.

C. Threewalls - 119 N. Peoria St., #2A. Post-Cursor, work by Eric Fleischauer. Reception 6-9pm. 6/4-7/3.

D. Fill in the Blank Gallery - 5038 N. Lincoln Ave. Cultivation, work by Jennifer Hines. Reception 7-11pm. 6/4-6/26.



A. Monument 2 Gallery - 2007 N. Point St. Our First Sixty-Nine, work by Natalie Labriola and J. Patrick Walsh. Reception 6-10pm. 6/5-6/27.

B. MVSEVM - 1626 N California Ave, 2. Exhibition 7.06052010, work by Chad Kouri, Rachel Niffenegger, Jes Takla, Omair Hussain, Brookhart Jonquil, Robert Andrade, Luke Willard, Scott Jarrett, Carson Fisk-Vittori and Mark Beasley. Reception 6-10pm.

C. Happy Dog Gallery - 1542 N. Milwaukee Ave., 2nd fl. Kalamazoo Show. Reception 7-11pm.

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