The Weekend Gallery Crawl... (6/11 & 6/12)

From my beloved blog, The Gallery Crawl and So Much More, I bring you, once again, The Weekend Gallery Crawl, the most comprehensive listing of weekend art openings in the Chicago region of the internet. Enjoy... Friday 6/11:


DIG - 2003 N Point, 3. Endless Summer, work by Vanessa Bolt, Courtney Compeau, Emma Heemskerk, Meagan Luhrs, Michelle Ruiz, Michelle Vondiziano and Mary Eleanor Wallace. Reception 7-11pm.


65Grand - 1378 W. Grand Ave. The First Five Years, group show. Reception 7pm-1am. 6/11-6/13.


Center on Halsted - 3656 N. Halsted St. Cheesecake, work by Paul Richmond & Queer Voices in Comics, work by Marian Runk, Johnny Barr, and Jay Very. Reception 6:30pm. 6/4-7/7.


Art Institute of Chicago - 111 S. Michigan Ave. Sound & Vision, work by John Baldessari, Moyra Davey, Robert Watts, and more & Cory Arcangel: Music for Stereos, a performance from 6-7:30pm. 6/11-8/29.

ARTSpace537 - 410 S. Michigan Ave. A Variety of Palettes II, work by Kim Laurel, Al Rasho, Fletcher Hayes, Chad Allen, Karen Tichy, Josh Garrett, Parker Gindele, and Pat Lagger. Reception 5-9pm. 6/11-7/3.

Gallery UNO - 410 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 541. sentence, work by Charles Mahaffee. Reception 4:30-7:30.

Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery - 100 W. Randolph, Suite 2-100. Focus 4, work by Jacqueline Moses, Judith Raphael, Kevin Veara, and Mel Watkin. Reception 5-7pm. 6/1-9/24.


Irish American Heritage Center - 4626 N. Knox Ave. 30 Views of Ulysses, work by Leonid Osseny. Reception 6-9pm. 6/11-7/11.


Chicago Art District Exhibitions Space - 1915 S. Halsted. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville MFA Exhibition, work by Kristen Bartel, Ilene Berman, Andy Magee, Jill Palone, Katherine Perryman, Amanda Pfister, Evan Wagman, and Nick Ramey. Reception 6-10pm.

Chicago Urban Art Society - 2229 S. Halsted St. Sweet Tea & American Values, work by Ray CRO Noland. Reception 6-11pm. 6/11-7/31.

Logsdon 1909 Gallery - 1909 S. Halsted St. 3, work by Steve Armstrong, Diane Kahlo, and Jack Girard. Reception 6-10pm. 6/11-7/3.

Phoenix Gallery - 1829 S. Halsted St. Clear Thinking-Artistry on Glass. Reception 6-10pm.


Jennifer Norback Fine Art, Inc. - 217 W. Huron. FLUXUS, work by Dick Higgins, John Cage, ellsworth snyder, Arman, Christo, Oldenburg, Rauchenberg, Ryan Ingebritsen. Closing reception 5pm.

Stephen Daiter Gallery - 230 W. Superior St. The Intuitive Photography of Jay King and Lee Balterman. Reception 5-8pm.


Elephant Room, Inc. - 704 S. Wabash Ave. The Peculiar Manifestation of Paint in My Life, work by Jennifer Cronin. Reception 6-9pm.


Black Walnut Gallery - 220 N. Aberdeen St. Group Art Exhibit, work by Christie Chew-Wallace, Michael Coakes, Moca Garcia, and Zach Nagle. Reception 6-9pm. 6/1-6/30.

Spoke - 119 N Peoria St, 3D. I'll be your Mirror, work by Lise Haller Baggesen, Gitte Bog, Gudrun Hasle, Anni Holm and Berit Nørgaard. Reception 5-8pm. 6/11-6/19.

Thomas Robertello Gallery - 939 W. Randolph St. About Face, work by Jason Robert Bell, Cody Critcheloe (SSION), John Delk, Scott Fife, Emily Noelle Lambert, Nikki S Lee, Noelle Mason, Dutes Miller & Stan Shellabarger, Mike Nudelman, Ed Paschke, Grant Schexnider, Travis Leroy Southworth and Julie Weitz. Reception 5-8pm. 6/11-8/7.

Saturday 6/12:


Monument 2 - 2007 N Point St. Justin B. Williams: The last paintings (1985-2010). Reception 6-10pm.


Murphy Hill Gallery - 3333 W. Arthington St. FLOWER, LANDSCAPE AND NATURE EXHIBIT. Reception 6-10pm.


Happy Collaborationists' Exhibition Space - 1254 N. Noble St. Palimpsest, work by Austin Knierim and Jésus Mejia. Reception 6-10pm.


Kingdom's Temple of Culture - 3065 N. Rockwell. Kingdom Kilpatrick. Reception 6-9pm.

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