Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Friday, May 7th, and Saturday, May 8th, 2010

by Jeriah Hildwine

Gettin' caught up here.  Last month, Friday, May 7th, it was First Fridays, but most of the big River North and West Loop galleries had blown their load the Saturday we hit up three galleries.


Patrick Bobolin and Erin Nixon of Noble and Superior Projects dish out the snacks! Thanks guys!

Noble & Superior
- 1418 W. Superior St. Alphabetization, work by Brandon
Alvendia, Scott Carter, Eric Fleischauer, Brookhart Jonquil and Daniel
Lavitt. Reception 6-10pm. 5/7-6/4.

Noble and Superior Projects had their usual rockin' array of snacks. 


The bar and snack table at Roots and Culture. Beers came at a suggested donation of two dollars per can. I didn't mind pitching in, since these guys are a great opportunity for a lot of emerging Chicago artists, and I happened to have some cash with me.

and Culture
- 1034 N. Milwaukee Ave. Two Black Holes Are Better
Than One, work by Carmen Price and Erin Zona. Reception 6-10pm.

Roots and Culture had some nibbles as well (grapes and crackers with cheese and honey, plus some other little snacks that I can't quite recall), and had Miller High Life (suggesting a donation
of $2 a can, which we gave). 


Jeriah at Johalla Projects, watching a video by Chiara Tommasi. Guess what's in the paper bag? That's right, it's a 40!

Johalla Projects - 1561
N. Milwaukee Ave. Immersioni/Immersions, curated by Anna Cerniglia and
Susanna Horvatovicova. Reception 7-11pm. 5/7-5/22.

Unsure what the situation at Johalla Projects, Steph and I picked up a couple of 40's on our way there; I believe they actually did have some beer and/or wine, but we'd committed ourselves to our 40s.  Actually we just shared one and saved the other for later.  We definitely had our buzz on for the bus ride home, but weren't out of control; we were fed but not bloated.  In summary:

Snack Report 2010-05-07.jpg

The next day, Saturday, May 8th, we'd been planning on hitting three more shows, but only ended up making it to one.  Sorry, Floor Length and Tux, and Western Exhibitions!  We were getting all dressed up for this fancy gala thing which in fact had already happened, but I screwed up the dates, and anyway, sorry, and we'll try to make it to the next one and hopefully I don't screw it up!  What we did make it to was

Home Gallery - 1407 E. 54th
St. Sketchbook Project. Reception 6-9pm.

Home Gallery always has great snacks, by any standard.  It was funny, Laura was concerned that they weren't up to her usual lofty standards asked be if I was going to write her a nasty review.  No worries Laura!  Your snacks were great!

Check out the slideshow for images of the shows, the art, and the snacks! 

Also, stay tuned for some exciting new changes to the Snack Report.  We've already added the exciting info-graphic for my status at the end of the night (seen above) and are planning on adding some more in the future (basically icons for what each gallery had).  The report is going to focus more exclusively on the snacks, and Steph and I are going to be posting our post-weekend analysis of the art we saw in our new column (well, a weekly feature on this blog), The Monday-Morning Quarterback, which has already seen its first issue.

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