Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Friday, June 4th, 2010

by Jeriah Hildwine, photos by Stephanie Burke


Now with less art, and more snacks!  (For images and our thoughts on the artwork we saw at these openings, check out our last edition of Monday Morning Quarterback.)

International Museum
of Surgical Science
- 1524 N. Lake Shore Dr. Chromatherapy, work by
Patrick Ryoichi Nagatani & Yew Tree Project, work by Carolyn
Bernstein. Reception 5-8pm. 6/4-8/20.


at the International Museum of Surgical Science: wine, beer, fruit,
veggies, dip, cheese, crackers, and cupcakes!

openings for the Anatomy in the Gallery series at the International
Museum of Surgical Science have always treated my well as far as snacks
are concerned.  This month, with the reception for Patrick Ryoichi and
Carolyn Bernstein, was no different.  An assortment of red and white
wines were available, as well as several types of beer.  We opted for
Dos Eques.

The solid snacks were bountiful as well.  For fruit,
there were decent green grapes, pineapple (I think), and sliced mango. 
Vegetables consisted of broccoli, carrots, cherry tomatoes, baby
carrots, cauliflower, and a creamy dip to go with 'em.  Another tray
held various cheeses (of the jack, Swiss, and cheddar variety) and
crackers; another had mini toasts or toasted pita triangles and hummus. 
There were also chocolate cupcakes.

Threewalls - 119 N.
Peoria St., #2A. Post-Cursor, work by Eric Fleischauer. Reception
6-9pm. 6/4-7/3.


bar at ThreeWalls: Pernod, Orange Juice, and Cranberry Juice for the
making of Stop Lights.

We got to Threewalls right
around opening time; the bar was set up but the bartender wasn't there
yet.  Steph and I had anticipated both the presence of a Pernod-based
beverage selection as well as the suggestion of a three dollar donation,
and so had prepared ourselves with some cash (singles) so we could
pitch in.  Obviously a big part of the gallery openings for me is
getting drunk for free, but for all the good work ThreeWalls does
providing exhibition opportunities to artists, as well as their other
activities, I don't mind pitching in three bucks for a drink.

the bartender wasn't there yet, Steph and I made our own Stop Lights. 
Fortunately, the bartender's guide was laying open behind the bottles.  A
Stop Light is Pernod (green), orange juice (yellow), and cranberry
juice (red); I think it's 1 part Pernod, 1 part orange juice, and 2
parts cranberry juice, but I might have the juice proportions reversed. 
Anyway, I like them, but Stephanie doesn't.  She, in fact, hates them;
it's rare that I see her turn down a drink, but this one she did.  Which
meant I got to drink two of them.  Which meant, good thing she was

Superior Projects
- 1418 W. Superior St. Sense Objects, work by Kate
O'Neill and Rebecca Kressley. Reception 6-10pm. 6/4-7/7.


is not the snacks! This is an installation by Rebecca Kressley.

somehow failed to take any pictures of the snacks at Noble &
Superior Projects, but rest assured, the snacks were up to their usual
excellent standards.  Trader Joe's had apparently been out of Frugal
Joe's Ordinary Beer, so they had another store-brand beer (a Pilsner, if
I remember right) as well as Simpler Times lager in cans, and wine. 
The snacks were again plentiful and excellent, I remember peanuts and
sliced pineapple...damn!  This is why I need to take pictures!  I know
there were way more snacks than that, but I can't remember what they
were!  Thanks for all the snacks, guys!  Wish I could remember what they

One reason my memory of the snacks may be a bit fuzzy is
that I spent some time talking with Erin and Patrick about art
criticism, and drinking several of their beers and some of their wine.  I
remember in particular Patrick's assertion that, for him at least, the
function of art criticism was basically like armwrestling the artist for
control of their artist's statement, disputing questionable claims and
positing alternative explanations of the function of the artist's work
in their place.  Thanks for great times, great conversation, and as
always, great snacks!  (Even if I can't remember exactly what they

in the
Blank Gallery
- 5038 N. Lincoln Ave. Cultivation, work by Jennifer
Hines. Reception 7-11pm. 6/4-6/26.


snack bar at {Fill In The Blank}

It was getting
late as we rolled into {Fill In The Blank}, and after two beers at IMSS,
two Stop Lights at ThreeWalls, and something like two beers and a glass
of wine courtesy of Noble and Superior Projects, I was feeling pretty
well tanked-up.  Nevertheless, we rallied our forces (okay, just us) and
pressed on, determined to check out the scene at {Fill In The Blank}.

By the time we arrived, there was evidence of former wine, but none
actually present; not to worry, since it was nearing to closing time,
and we'd had our share already.  There were bowls of snacks, though: 
strawberries, peanuts, cherries, cookies, chips, and hummus.  We had a
few little snacks, but we were rapidly turning into pumpkins, so we
headed home to curl up and sleep, pleasantly buzzed and well-fed.

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