Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Friday, June 18th

by Jeriah Hildwine
Photos by Stephanie Burke


Apologies for the delay, dear readers, Steph and I were out of town for a bit.  We went camping with Zombie Squad, a disaster-preparedness and relief charity organization that uses zombie horror movies to make it fun.  And it was!  We went on a canoe float trip, saw a green egret, rescued an Eastern Box Turtle that was sitting in the middle of the road, went to a shooting range, took a knife sharpening seminar, and mostly just sat in the river all day.  It was great.  Anyway, here's last week's Snack Report.


Cups of white wine, and cans of Coors Light, at Western Exhibitions.

When Stephanie and I arrived at Western Exhibitions, the drinks at the front desk were cups of white wine.  So we each grabbed one.  After a little while, Stephanie noticed people with cans of Coors Light, and went back and took this picture.  We stuck with our cups of wine, though, even though Steph usually prefers beer:  we had our wine, and we were on a tight schedule.

Western Exhibitions -
119 N. Peoria St., suite 2A. Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is...A
LOVE STORY, work by Daniel
and Genesis
Breyer P-Orridge
& The Power of Selection, Part 2, work by Evan Gruzis, Denise Kupferschmidt, Keegan McHargue, and Dana
. Reception 5-8pm. 6/18-8/7.


Peregrine Program serves up Tecate, tons of grapes (not bad!), and cups of nuts.

- 500 W. Cermak Rd., #727. Brown, and Beige - A Finte and Infinite,
work by Jesus Javier. Reception 6-8pm. 6/18-7/3.

La Llorona had a wine bar on the back deck, and servers who came around with trays of cups to swap out for empties.  Classy!  Steph and I had red.  I really like events where people go around to make sure your cup isn't empty.  I could use one of those for my place.

- 1474 W. Webster Ave. Passionate Holiness, work by Robert
Lentz, Lewis Williams, William Hart McNichols, and David Lee Csicsko.
Reception 6pm-1am. 6/18-7/18.


Snacks at HungryMan!

HungryMan had a cooler full of beers, which disappeared rapidly.  Steph got one which she graciously shared with me.  There were chips, salsa, hummus, and cookies; apparently there had been sandwiches earlier but I missed those.  Talkin' with the ladies of HungryMan, it turns out I've missed a few things:  apparently they had deep fried pickles at a recent opening!

People, let me tell you:  if you're going to have awesome snacks at your opening, go ahead and shoot me an email:  jeriah (dot) hildwine (at) gmail (dot) com.  I'll make it a point to show up early so I don't miss the snacks!  Also, I can't make it to everything, although I really do try, but if you tell me there's going to be awesome snacks, I'll go out of my way to try and make it.  I love snacks!

HungryMan Gallery
- 2135 N. Rockwell St. Ocean, work by Aaron Fowler. Reception 6-9pm.


Snacks at The Hills Esthetic Center!

This was our second visit to The Hills Esthetic Center, and again they put out a good spread:  Bottles of Two Buck Chuck, kick-ass bruschetta with a bowl of grated Parmesean to put on top, assorted cheeses sliced baguette.  Good snacks, guys!

Hills Esthetic Center
- 128 N Campbell Ave, G. Remembering the
Future, work by Caitlin Arnold,
Olivia Ciummo,
Scott Cowan, Kyle Cronan,
Melissa Damasauskas, Rachel
, Aron Gent, Henry
James Glover, John Paul
, Emily Green, Brieanne
, Katy Keefe, Jason
, Greg Stimac and Nicholas Wylie. Reception

 We made it to Golden Gallery's Auxiliary Space, parking in a spot of dubious legality and braving the torrential downpour.  We were pretty beat, though, so we just took a quick look at the work on the walls and headed home.  There was a fridge, but we didn't even peek inside.

Golden Gallery
Auxiliary Space
- 3319 N Broadway St. Opening of the Auxiliary
Space, with work by Elijah
, Evan Conley, The Franks, Alex Valentine, Kaylee Rae Wyant, Aspen Mays, Mike Andrews, and Lloyd Durling.
Reception 9pm.

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