Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Friday, June 11th

by Jeriah Hildwine
Photos by Stephanie Burke

This week was a new landmark for this snack reporter, in more ways than one.  First off, Steph and I decided to ride our bikes to the galleries!  It was really hot and muggy out, as some of you may remember, which ensured that we were sweaty, tired, and dehydrated upon our arrival at our first destination in River North.


The hot dog cart at Stephen Daiter. I shit you not, a full on hot dog cart, right there in the gallery. Hot damn!

This week had another first:  a full-on hot dog cart, set up inside Stephen Daiter Gallery!  Now, Peregrine Program served mini hot dogs, and Co-Prosperity Sphere is famous for its Korean-Polish BBQ it serves during Version Fest, but this is the first time, to my knowledge, that there has been an actual hot dog cart, serving hot dogs, for free, inside an art galelry.  If it's happened before, well, I can't be everywhere; if it happens again, let me know, and I'll be there!  Some may quibble that this was a smaller-than-normal hot dog card, set up on a table rather than on big bicycle wheels or whatever.  I say if it's got an umbrella over it and it serves me hot dogs, it's a hot dog cart!

Stephen Daiter also served some basic snacks like crackers along with the usual wine and beer; Steph and I each had a Pabst.  It was nice and cold, refreshing after our long hot bike ride.  But what we really needed was some water before the next leg of our journey, so Steph begged us a cup from Starbucks because I'm shy about asking for a cup of water if I'm not buying anything.  Then we remounted our bikes and headed for the West Loop!

Stephen Daiter Gallery
- 230 W. Superior St. The Intuitive Photography of Jay King and Lee
Balterman. Reception 5-8pm.


bucket-o-beer at Thomas Robertello. There was quite a variety!

Thomas Robertello has yet to serve a single snack that I can remember, but is nevertheless a snack report favorite because he's always doing something interesting with the booze.  Sometimes, it's whiskey.  Sometimes it's lemon-flavored vodka that I think is lemonade and use as a mixer for my whiskey.  This time, it was an assortment of quality beers in a tub of ice.  I had a Sierra Nevada, a little taste of home (by which I mean California).  This is also my dad's favorite beer.

Thomas Robertello Gallery 
- 939 W. Randolph St. About Face, work by Jason Robert Bell, Cody
Critcheloe (SSION), John Delk, Scott Fife, Emily Noelle Lambert, Nikki S
Lee, Noelle Mason, Dutes Miller & Stan Shellabarger, Mike Nudelman,
Ed Paschke, Grant Schexnider, Travis Leroy Southworth and Julie Weitz.
Reception 5-8pm. 6/11-8/7.


Jeriah samples a selection of authentic cuisine from Mexico City. Now this is my kind of relational aesthetics: the kind I get to eat!

Our second and last stop in the West Loop was Spoke.  Steph and I had a bit of confusion on arrival, not sure whether the small bowls of delicious-looking food on the shelf were snacks or art.  It turns out they were both!  Anni Holm, manning the desk for her interactive songwriting project, informed us that yes, we could taste them.  What a victory!  There were chips and three or four different types of Mexican delicacy with which to top them:  Guacamole (quite good, but nothing new), Tinga de Pollo (some kind of chicken-in-salsa kind of dish, which was very nice and not too spicy), and Pollo Desmenuzado en Molle, which was my favorite.  Chicken in molle sauce is pretty much the best thing Mexico's ever come up with, and that's saying a lot:  Mexico has got to be one of the best snacking countries on earth.  Anyway, yeah, this stuff was great.

These snacks were part of Gitte Bog's project in which she encouraged participants to foster a relationship with Chicago's sister city, Mexico City.  They were awesome snacks and also performed their role of getting me to think more about Mexico.  Spoke also had normal, non-art snacks, including those weird vegetable tube things that are kind of hard to describe.  You know...they're like chips, sort of, but shaped like straws, and they're made of something halfway between a dehydrated vegetable and a Styrofoam packing peanut?  Yeah, they had those.  And Wild Vines Sparkling Blackberry Merlot, which makes me feel like a teenage girl fresh out of high school, ready to crash dad's BMW into the hot tub. 

Spoke - 119 N Peoria St,

3D. I'll be your Mirror, work by Lise Haller Baggesen, Gitte Bog, Gudrun
Hasle, Anni Holm and Berit Nørgaard. Reception 5-8pm. 6/11-6/19.


One last beer courtesy of the tub at 65Grand...I am looking forward to having many more at the new space!

Our last stop was 65 Grand, which was serving the same thing they always do:  cans of Miller High Life, and apparently some wine.  Steph and I stuck to beer, as we tend to when offered the choice.  Thanks for all the beer these past years, Bill, and we're looking forward to seeing the opening of your new space this September!

- 1378 W. Grand Ave. The First Five Years, group show. Reception
7pm-1am. 6/11-6/13.

Bill and friends at 65 Grand were going to be up all night rocking out, but Steph had to get ready to go to Wisconsin, and I wanted to call it an early night so I could get up early and head over to my new studio!  Plus we were tired from riding our bikes.  Between Stephen Daiter's hot dogs and Gitte Bog's piece at Spoke, we'd gotten a reasonable amount of snacks down our gullet, as well as enough booze to be feeling good without being unsafe to bike home.  Thanks for all the booze and snacks, everybody!

Check out the slideshow for images of all the snacks, and if you want to know what we thought of the art, check out Monday Morning Quarterback.

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