Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Friday, April 9, 2010

by Jeriah Hildwine

After a two-weekend hiatus, the snack report is back!  I know, I know, you were lost without me.  I was in California, hanging out in the desert, eating stinky tofu in San Francisco, and catching up with friends and family.  It was pretty sweet, and I did see some art and eat some snacks.  Stay tuned for a special edition snack report on the California adventure in the near future.

This past Friday, April 9th, 2010, we visited Donald Young, Thomas Robertello, Linda Warren, and Garage Spaces.  It was a night of much drinking and very few snacks.

I'm not double-fisting it, one of these is my wife's. (Um...that's what she said?)

Donald Young Gallery, featuring "International," work by Joshua Mosley, was serving water and white wine.  In the low light of the gallery, it was funny watching people try to tell which was which.  This was actually my first visit to Donald Young Gallery, which is odd since it's right on Michigan Ave.  Classy place!  Thanks for the wine, Donald Young!

Donald Young Gallery - 224 S.
Michigan, Ste. 266. Joshua Mosley. Reception 5-7pm. 4/9-4/30.


Jeriah with his strange mixture of Jim Beam and lemonade-flavored vodka.

Thomas Robertello had up an excellent show of work by Noelle Mason, called "Bad Boys."  It was right up my alley.  We hung out for a while, starting out with cans of beer (Pabst, Old Style, something like that) before graduating to the hard stuff.  It was Stephanie who first asked the bartender for a "Jim Beam and lemonade"; I don't know whether she knew that the "lemonade" was in fact lemonade-flavored vodka.  The bartender dutifully served her a glass of Beam and a glass of the vodka lemonade, and then was perhaps a bit confused when she poured them both into one glass, mixing them.

I asked for the same, and the bartender, still I think confused, asked, "Mixed?"  I said yes.  An unusual combination, but a good one.  I was on my second one when someone asked what I was drinking.  "Jim Beam and lemonade," I answered.  At which point the bartender pointed out that the "lemonade" was in fact vodka.  Well, that explains it...

While I might not normally mix bourbon with vodka, in this instance the combination actually worked surprisingly well.  Thanks once again for the Jim Beam, Thomas Robertello!  And congrats again, Noelle, on a great show!

Thomas Robertello Gallery
- 939 W. Randolph. Noelle Mason. Reception 5-8pm. 4/9-6/5.


Linda's trademark punch and her bartender Kelsey: two classy icons of art-snacking scene here in Chicago!

Linda Warren was showing paintings by Nina Rizzo in the main space and paintings by Michelle Wasson in the project space.  She was also serving, as usual, her trademark vodka punch.  Bartender Kelsey was wearing a classy top made of cut-up credit cards.  Excellent!  Linda also served the only actual snacks we encountered the entire evening!  In a land of no snacks at all, the little bowl of peanuts shall be king.  Thanks Linda!

Linda Warren Gallery -
1052 W. Fulton Mkt. Majestic, work by Nina Rizzo & Paintings by
Michelle Wasson. Reception 6-9pm. 4/9-5/8.


Jeriah with a Negro Modelo, courtesy of Garage Spaces.

It is with a heavy heart that I must report that "Retrospective" will be Garage Spaces' final exhibition.  Heavier still since this was my first visit!  Anyway, upon request we were furnished with beers.  I had a Negro Modelo.  Thanks for the beer, Garage Spaces, and sorry to see you go!

Garage Spaces - 1337 N
Maplewood Ave. Retrospective, ephemera from three 2009 shows: "Stolen,"
"Den" and "Funeral." Reception 5pm-12am.

Corrections:  The Snack Report previous reported that Pernod Absinthe was wormwood free.  I have been informed that Pernod is a genuine absinthe which does contain wormwood, although the thujone levels are regulated by the FDA.  Look forward to an article on this subject in the near future.  Thanks to Mandy Kalajian at Mirrorball, Pernod's marketing agency, for correcting this error.  The Snack Report regrets the error.

Check out the slide show for pictures from these shows!

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