Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Sunday, March 14th

by Jeriah Hildwine
Photographs by Stephanie Burke


This weekend's iteration of the Artists And Residents series laid out an impressive array of snacks.

One may debate at great length whether Chicago's art scene is truly world class, and if you talk long enough you might even find someone to listen to you.  Chicago may be lacking when it comes to blue chip galleries, rock star curators, and teenage millionaire art stars, but say what you will, one cannot deny that there's a lot going on in the city.  Take this weekend, for instance:  from Second Fridays in Pilsen and beyond, to Saturday receptions at HungryMan and Concertina, we've had our metaphorical plates full with art, and our literal plates full of snacks.  Sunday, the traditional day of rest for a slacker God, offered no respite for your faithful snack reporter.

Steph and I headed down to Hyde Park for Hiding Place for Two, work by Madeleine Bailey, a part of the "Artists and Residents" series curated by Tang Zehui.  Madeleine is a fellow writer of mine over at Chicago Art Magazine, so we know each other, but I'd never actually seen her work before.  I was eager for the opportunity.  Stay tuned to CAM for a review of the show, but in the meantime, check out the slide show for pics from the reception, and for the full scoop on the snacks!

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