Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Saturday, March 13th

by Jeriah Hildwine
Photographs by Stephanie Burke


Pabst Blue Ribbon at Hungry Man.

HungryMan, which contrary to rumor is still going strong, is showing "landscape/portrait/still life," a group show of work by John Neff, Andrew Falkowski, Gaylen Gerber with Jesse Chapman, Cornet Baldwin, Heather Mekkelson, Andreas Fischer, Heidi Norton, and Rachel Herman.


Wine, chips, and salsa at Hungry Man.

HungryMan also presented a cooler full of Pabst Blue Ribbon, red wine, chips, and damned good salsa!  Thanks for the beer, wine, and snacks, HungryMan!  Glad you're still in business!


Jeriah pours himself some wine at Hungry Man.

From HungryMan, it's a short walk up Milwaukee to Concertina Gallery, which was showing "Surrender Dorothy," a collaboration between Jesse Butcher and Corkey Sinks.


Beverages at Concertina.

Concertina presented their usual tub o' beer, in this case Pabst Blue Ribbon, along with Pepsi, which if anyone remembers is "The Choice of a New Generation."  Between last night and tonight, Pabst is looking like the rising contender for the new, post-Grolsch gallery beer of choice.  Thanks for the beer, Concertina!  Love the show!

After Concertina, we walked back to HungryMan with Liz Nielson and Carolina Wheat of Swimming Pool Project Pace.  On the way they found a hilarious St. Patrick's Day hat.  Check out the slide show for hilarious pics of them trying it on, as well as images of the work from the shows and from the rest of our adventures.

This just goes to show, it's not just your Friday nights that are taken care of.  Even on a Saturday night, art galleries are still hoppin.  Get out there, get your art on, have some beer, wine, and snacks, and did I mention, GO LOOK AT SOME DAMN ART!

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