Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Friday, March 5th

by Jeriah Hildwine


Snacks rule! Yeah! Jeriah and Steph hit the galleries for another night of food and booze.

This week, my friend Dan Poage was visiting from Austin, Texas, and he joined us on our Friday night romp.  We hopped on the train and off we went!


The snacks at the International Museum of Surgical Science: beer, wine, hummus, cheese, crackers, veggies, dip, and (not shown) fruit and little pastries.

The International Museum of Surgical Science was showing another installment of their Anatomy in the Gallery series, this time featuring work by Lauren Kalman (who was, for me, the highlight of last year's SOFA exhibition) as well as an installation by my good friend Annie Heckman.  I remember the snacks being pretty good last time, when I came to see a performance by Elise Goldstein, James Kubie, and Katrina Chamberlain.

This time around, visitors had their choice of beer (Miller Light or Heineken )or wine (red or white Charles Shaw).  I had a Heineken.  There were also crackers with cheese, pita chips with hummus, vegetables with dip, I believe some fruit, and some tiny little pastries that were quite tasty.  All in all this was one of the better presentations of snacks I've seen in a while, which is par for the course at IMSS.  I was also a huge fan of both of the artists' work in this iteration of the Anatomy in the Gallery series!  Thanks for the beer, the snacks, and a great show, you guys!

International Museum of Surgical Science - 1524 N. Lake Shore Dr. Lauren Kalman and Annie Heckman. Reception 5-8pm. 3/5-3/21.


Jeriah with his friend Dan Poage, getting wine at Ann Nathan

Ann Nathan was offering red and white wine.  I learned that my friend Dan doesn't drink white wine at all.  I generally prefer red, but don't mind white at all.  So for example, when there was only one cup of red already poured, I let Dan have it, and drank white rather than wait (or ask) for another glass of red to be poured.  Thanks for the wine, Ann Nathan!  (I think there may have also been a bowl of pretzels or something, but at the time of my arrival they were pretty picked over.)  Stay tuned for an upcoming article I'm planning for Chicago Art Magazine on three Chicago artists addressing Moby Dick as a theme, including George Klauba.

Ann Nathan Gallery - 212 W. Superior St. George Klauba. Reception 5-8pm. 3/5-4/1.


Jeriah with Patrick Bobilin of Noble and Superior Projects, getting their snack on. I think Linda's bartender said her name was Danielle...?

Linda Warren was of course offering her trademark punch, this time served by a bartender I hadn't met before, although she told me that she had worked one opening for Linda in the past.  I think she said her name was Danielle.  Wine was available for those who preferred it.

We were also presented with an assortment of snacks, including peanut butter cookies, a vegetable tray with a ranch-like dip, chips or crackers, a little hummus "variety pack", and a bowl of mixed nuts party mix stuff.

The show in Linda Warren's main space had a funny connection for me; painter Joseph Noderer moved from Chicago to Austin, Texas about six months ago, and some of the paintings in this show were depictions of his "new hometown."  My good friend Dan Poage was visiting from Austin, so he recognized some of the places in the paintings!  It was pretty neat and fun. 

Michael Stillon had some paintings in the Project Space, featuring a character who made me think of what it would be like if that talking garbage heap from Fraggle Rock were crossbred with the Gorgs the Fraggles had to run past in order to consult the garbage heap.  Well, after recently re-watching the first episode, I realized that garbage heap had been female, so maybe Junior is going through his horny teenage phase and...yeah, I'm going to let this train of thought just kind of trail off right here.  At any rate, it was fun.  Thanks for all the snacks and good times, Linda!

Linda Warren Gallery
- 1052 W. Fulton Market St. Twelve Hundred Miles Down the Street, work
by Joseph Noderer. Michael Stillion will be showing in the Project
Space. Reception 6-9pm. 3/5-4/10.


A piece from the show at Ugly Stepsister, which sort of reminded me of some sculptures that Dan and I made when we were younger.

Lastly, Ugly Stepsister, just a few doors down from Linda Warren, which had a FRIGGIN' KEG!  I don't know what was in it but it was a pale yellow lager, I'm guessing Pabst or Old Style.  The guys serving it were really friendly and chill.  This was also the third place of the night with vegetables and a ranch-type dip.  Dan asked me, "Is it possible to overdose on Ranch dressing?"  I told him I didn't know the LD50 of Ranch but I didn't think he was there yet.

Check out that slideshow for images from the shows!

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