Where the F*#K are YOU going? (02/26/10-02/28/10)

It's that time again my friends. This weekend you're getting three days work of maps. Saturday is a bit lean, but I figured I throw it up there just so ya know the plan. Also, unlike Friday and Sunday, the list is actually in reverse order. I'm going to AIC first, to see Eggleston! Shit, wish I had a book for him to sign. Would it be bad to have an author/artist sign a book they did not write or produce? Hmmm...

Well, here's the plan...



A. Golden - 816 W. Newport Ave. Pamela Fraser. Reception 6-9pm. 2/26-3/27.

Bright colors on pieces of paper.

B. David Weinberg Gallery - 300 W. Superior St. Alumni, work by recent SAIC grads. Reception 5-8pm. 2/26-4/10.

Let's have a high five for the alma mater!

C. Roots and Culture - 1034 N. Milwaukee Ave. Fever Dream, work by Jacob Goudreault, Angel Otero, Simon Slater, and Max Reinhardt. Reception 6-9pm. 2/26-3/27.

Is that dude in the photo licking an ice cream log? I can't tell.

D. Pentagon - 961 W 19th St, 1F. Submission, work by Maria J├Ânsson, Aaron Ross, Jolie Cota Flink, Laura Boban and Jake Myers. Reception 8-11pm.

Baby wants to fuck! Baby wants to fuck Blue Velvet!

E. Co-Prosperity Sphere - 3219 S. Morgan St. Typeforce: The Annual Chicago Show of Emerging Typographic Allstars. Reception 7-11pm. 2/26-3/14.

Captain Typeforce rescues you from the tedium of Times New Roman!



A. Art Institute of Chicago - 111 S. Michigan. Democratic Camera, Photographs and Video, 1961-2008, work by William Eggleston. Book signing 3:30-5pm. 2/27-5/23.

Bring you books, and your eyes, of course!

B. Swimming Pool Project Space - 2858 W. Montrose Ave. After Before, work by Daniel Baird, Sherwin Ovid, and Caleb Charland. Reception 7-10pm. 2/27-3/21.

You ever time traveled in a swimming pool? I thought not. Well, here's your chance.



A. Home Gallery - 1407 E 54th Pl. NOWS, work by Nathaniel Russell. Closing Reception noon-3pm.

It's your last chance to see NOW! How's that for confusing?

B. Hyde Park Art Center - 5020 S Cornell Ave. Ps & Qs Salon. Talk at 3pm.

Mind 'em, or you'll be in trouble.

C. Renaissance Society - 5811 S. Ellis Ave. Matt Saunders. Reception 4-7pm. 2/28-4/11.

Give Hamza a congrats high five if you see him while you're there!

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