Snack Time Report: Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

By Jeriah Hildwine

I'm a lucky fellow, to know an artist like Osvaldo Budet.  After visiting him during his installation of his show and writing my preview, we hung out with a few of our friends and fellow artists (Elise Goldstein and a man friend of hers, plus my wife Stephanie Burke, and our collectively mutual friend Katrina Chamberlin) playing Settlers of Catan
and drinking Jager and Two Buck Chuck.  After I'd had a few, I
half-jokingly mentioned that I write these snack reports, and asked
Osvaldo what he had planned for snacks at his opening.

Osvaldo hadn't discussed this with the venue, the Institute of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture,
and didn't think there were going to be any.  Well, of course I went to
the opening anyway, because a., it was a Tuesday and there wasn't
anything else going on, b., Osvaldo's my friend and I back up my
homies, and c., he's a damned good artist and I like to go to openings
and see good art.  I wasn't disappointed, and what's more, there were

We started off with a glass of Yellowtail red; I think it was a
Cabernet Sauvignon but let me be clear:  I know what kind of wine
something is because I look on the label and read what it is.  You
could probably put some red food coloring in a white wine and tell me
it was a Merlot and I'd believe you.  But anyway, that's what we
started off with.  After some remarks by Osvaldo and the director of
the Insititute, we got refills (I had Two Buck Chuck because the open
Yellowtail was empty, and I didn't mind) and then food was served!

Let me tell you, if you catch wind of an opening at a Puerto Rican
venue, like let's say you've been paying attention to The Gallery
Crawl, you really ought to go check it out.  I'm 2 for 2 on these
things having both good art and excellent snacks.  The last time was Josué Pellot's artist's talk in connection with his public intervention 1493
This was long before the time of the Snack Reports, but it nevertheless
stands as one of the greatest art-related "snacksperiences" I've ever
had.  There was something with meat, and something with plantains, and
something with yucca root.  Nobody ever serves yucca root!  The only
time I'd had it before this was when I bought one at the grocery store
and baked it like a potato.  The time I made it was really dry; the
stuff served at Pellot's talk was perfect.

Osvaldo's reception featured similarly traditional (I assume) Puerto
Rican snacks.  No yucca root, but there were some awesome plantains, as
well as a really kick-ass little horse ovary made of some kind of meat
served in a plantain cup!  Dude, it was awesome.  Check out the slideshow to see for yourself!  And, next time you hear about an art opening in Humboldt Park, make it a point to swing by.  Odds are there will be great snacks, and good art too.


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