Apartment Exhibition of the Month: Concertina Gallery

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Image: Alex McLeod, Jolly Ranch, 2009, archival inkjet print, 24 x 36 inches, courtesy of Concertina Gallery

Chicago has lots of art students and lots of apartments, so it follows that Chicago has apartment galleries.

Well-traveled, art-loving friends of mine have speculated our city has LOTS of apartment galleries.

Knowing where to find them usually means knowing the right people. And that's not just some art-snob strategy. Apartment galleries exist in part because of limited funds, thus there is limited advertising. But we here at Art Talk

Chicago will unearth such local gems for you, starting with the newly opening Concertina Gallery.


It's in Logan Square, on the second floor of a building that once housed the Star Concertina Manufacturing Company. What is a concertina, you ask? Why, it's an accordian-like instrument.

The gallery is founded by an alum-student pairing of School of the Art Institute women who have curatorial aspirations. Apartment galleries are likely so popular in Chicago because they give artists and aspiring arts administrators a chance to show and experiment with curatorial processes. Corinna Kirsch and Katherine Pill started Concertina Gallery for just such a reason.

The two are such dedicated art lovers, in fact, that they scheduled Concertina's grand opening for the evening following the standard seasonal opening (so they can check out the other venues).

If you're in the mood for more art parties this weekend,   ring the bell at 2351 N. Milwaukee Avenue after 7 p.m. Saturday. The inaugural show is "No More Worlds" and features both local and international artists. They include Madeleine Bailey, Mark Hensel, Racer Levan, Alex McLeod, Jessie Mott, Shana Moulton and Luke Painter.

Concertina Gallery, 2351 N. Milwaukee Ave.

No More Worlds

OPENING ON SATURDAY, SEPT. 12, 7 to 10 p.m.

GALLERY HOURS: Saturdays, noon to 5 p.m 

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