Illinois State Museum - Chicago Gallery - Focus 4

Focus 4 at the Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery features the artwork of four contemporary Chicago area artists: Ellen Roth Deutsch, Kate Ingold, Katie Kahn and Riva Lehrer.

 Illinois State Museum Slideshow

I'm experimenting with different ways to show art exhibits on the Internet. As a viewer, I like slideshows with audio in the background. Unfortunately, as a video, the quality of the photos goes down due to compression.

 So for the Illinois State Museum, the photos above are a high-resolution slideshow. If you click right through to Flikr, you'll see artist names, titles and photo credits.

Below is a video tour. Two of the curators, Doug Stapleton and Judith Klauba, gave me a tour of the exhibit, and that's the background audio, while the images are timed with the works being discussed (somwhat). I recommend the tour, they're very interesting, it's edited down, so it goes quick, and it's about 10 minutes.


Curator Tour of Focus 4, Illinois State Museum

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