Chomping at the bit for some action on the South Side

Chomping at the bit for some action on the South Side
Sox GM Rick Hahn

Let's see..the Dodgers sign Zack Greinke, the Angels surprise everybody by bringing in Josh Hamilton, the Yankees sign Kevin Youkilis, the and re-sign Ichiro, the Tigers reached a deal with Anibel Sanchez, the Royals trade for James Shields and Wade Davis and so on and so on.

In the name of Jeff Keppinger and Angel Sanchez, when will the Sox make another move?

This should not be taken as a criticism of new GM Rick Hahn. He's going to do what's best for the Sox and that doesn't necessarily mean signing free agents and wheeling and dealing. I'm just reflecting the feelings of a passionate and impatient Sox fan who loves the action and is eager to see the 2013 roster take shape.

I want to know:

--If A.J. is coming back

--If trade chip Gavin Floyd is going to be dealt, perhaps for a solid lefthanded hitter, and who would replace Floyd in the rotation?

--If Dayan Viciedo and/Alejandro De Aza will actually be traded as speculated and how about Alex Rios?

--If Gordon Beckham will be returning

--If Matt Thornton and Jesse Crain will be used in deals to improve the team elsewhere and new relievers will be brought in

--If there are some nice surprises in store

I know, patience is a virtue. But I hope today is the day.




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