Mark Buehrle's World Turned Upside Down...and the Top 10 White Sox Prospects

Mark Buehrle's World Turned Upside Down...and the Top 10 White Sox Prospects

Headline: Mark Buehrle traded to Toronto along with Josh Johnson, Jose Reyes and John Buck

When White Sox icon Mark Buehrle signed his four-year, $56 million megadeal with the Miami Marlins during the last offseason, his future looked bright.

--He made a ton of money

--He was reunited with his old Sox manager, Ozzie Guillen

--He was able to enjoy the advantages of living in the Miami area

--The Marlins, who also signed big-time free agents Jose Reyes and Heath Bell, were moving into a brand new, state-of-the-art stadium with an all-in philosophy to win now

What a difference a year makes. Apart from his lucrative contract still in tact (which, of course, isn't a minor point), Buehrle's world has been turned upside down.

--His manager was fired

--As a result of yesterday's Marlins-Blue Jays blockbuster deal, Mr. Perfect is headed from the sunshine and tax free state of Florida to cold and tax-laden Toronto

--And the once promising future in Miami has been dashed as Buehrle, Reyes and Bell now have all been traded 

He's still a rich man, but you wonder if Buehrle is longing for his days on the South Side.


Baseball America's Top 10 White Sox Prospects

1. Courtney Hawkins, OF

2. Trayce Thompson, OF

3. Carlos Sanchez, INF

4. Erik Johnson, RHP

5. Keenyn Walker, OF

6. Scott Snodgress, LHP

7. Andre Rienzo, RHP

8. Keon Barnum, 1B

9. Jared Mitchell, OF

10. Chris Beck, RHP


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  • As soon as I heard this, my reaction was "If Kenny Williams were still General Manager, he would make a trade with Toronto." Apparently most callers on sports radio came quickly to the same conclusion.

    The one thing that both Mark and Ozzie can say is that they got their money, so who cares if the Marlins' owner predictably went off the deep end again?

    On the prospects list, I don't see any 3B.

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