White Sox fans: We'll always have 2005

White Sox fans: We'll always have 2005

Watching baseball's postseason makes this White Sox fan envious of those teams and cities who made it--especially after the Sox were in first place for 117 days and soooo close to winning the division title.

After witnessing the Washington Nationals' utter collapse last night after holding a 6-0 lead and just a strike away from advancing to the N.L. Championship Series, I'm also reminded of something I have thought many times before: It's extremely difficult to win it all and there's no guarantee you'll ever be back again.

It's been very disappointing that the Sox have made the playoffs just once since the 2005 title and when they got there in 2008 were quickly dismissed by the eventual A.L. champion Tampa Bay Rays. But after seeing the Nationals season slip away the way it did, the Indians coming thatclose in the 1990s without closing the deal or countless other examples, I'll be forever grateful that when the Sox got there, they delivered the goods.

No, the '05 championship doesn't totally make up for the Sox failures, before or since, and our collective hope is that another World Series is in our not-so-distant future. But at least in one place and time in our lifetimes we got the job done when we got there.



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