Marlins fire Ozzie! What's next for the former Sox skipper? Here are 5 thoughts...

Marlins fire Ozzie! What's next for the former Sox skipper? Here are 5 thoughts...

Three days from now, White Sox fans will be reminiscing about the seventh anniversary of what I consider the greatest sports day of all-time--October 26, 2005--when the Sox won their first world championship in 88 years.

The manager of that historic team, Sox icon in exile Ozzie Guillen, won't be celebrating. You see, he has just been fired as manager of the Miami Marlins. Ozzie thought his problems ended when he exited the Sox after the disappointing 2011 season. But his woes were just beginning. His comment about Fidel Castro and being at the helm of an underachieving, last place team did him in.

Regardless of what Ozzie will say about not caring, having enough money, blah, blah, blah, I have no doubt he is devastated. And the truth is that it's pretty unlikely he'll get another managerial opportunity any time soon. His act has worn thin.

So, what's next for Guillen? Here are five possibilities:

* President Obama seems like a loyal guy who will remember Ozzie led the Prez's Sox to the world title. If the President wins the election, perhaps Ozzie could get a gig as an envoy to a world trouble spot. He'd be a fine diplomat, don't you think?

* If Obama doesn't win or the President doesn't appoint him to a post, there might be an opening for a communications specialist in Havana under Fidel Castro. Unless Fidel doesn't love Ozzie as much as Ozzie loves him.

* I could definitely see Ozzie on "Dancing with the Stars" or better yet the "Voice." Who's got a louder voice than Ozzie?

* Would Kenny Williams, who is rumored to be named the Sox President, give Ozzie a role to help the club increase attendance? On second thought, never mind.

* Maybe there's a role for Ozzie as a professor of languages. He speaks English, Spanish and has the market cornered on every four letter word in the book.

I've probably just reached the tip of the iceberg. Any other suggestions?


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