Jake Peavy is true to his word as he signs extension to remain on South Side

Jake Peavy is true to his word as he signs extension to remain on South Side

We've heard it many times before. Player X  expresses his desire to stay with his current team and then bolts for a better offer.  Not so in the case of Jake Peavy, who has opted to sign with the White Sox instead of fielding offers as a free agent.

Props to the ultra-competitive Peavy, who talked about his desire to remain on the South Side and now has walked the walk as he signed  a two-year $29 million extension to stay with the Sox.

"I didn't want to play any games about my desire to stay in Chicago," Peavy told reporters on a Tuesday conference call. "I was open and up front and hoping it would work out. This is a great day for me and my family, and I hope for the White Sox as well."

The Peavy signing, Rick Hahn's first act as general manager, gives the Sox a solid rotation going into 2013, which also includes Chris Sale, Gavin Floyd (whose option was picked up yesterday), Jose Quintana, a recovering John Danks with Hector Santiago waiting in the wings if Danks isn't ready by Opening Day. At least that's the plan as of Halloween. I wouldn't be surprised if a move or two is made that would change this scenario.

The Hahn era has begun with a development that I wasn't expecting--the signing of Peavy. More needs to be done, especially plugging the hole at third base now that the Sox have declined to pick up the option of Kevin Youkilis, but we're off to a good start.



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