A-Rod to White Sox? Fuggedaboutit!

A-Rod to White Sox? Fuggedaboutit!

After Alex Rodriguez's disastrous postseason, where he was both benched and pinch-hit for as the Yankees were humiliated in four games by the Tigers, the media exploded with speculation that the one-time "best player in baseball" had played his last game in New York.

Now that cooler heads have prevailed, the conventional wisdom is that even at a discounted rate (if the Yankees pick up the majority of the remaining $114 million and five years on his contract) there are few, if any, takers. And remember, Rodriguez has the right to veto any trade proposal.

If he would go anywhere, the Marlins seem to be a logical choice. A-Rod is from Miami and still idolized there despite his obvious decline, admitted drug use and, let's say, penchant for getting himself into embarrassing situations on and off the field. But would owner Jeffrey Loria, already unloading big-name players (and maybe manager Ozzie Guillen), be willing to gamble for five years even at a discount?

Who else? The Magic Johnson Dodgers? They've already shown they're willing to spend. But then again how much for an aging third baseman? The Angels? Aren't they already regretting the big pacts to Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson? and how about the Red Sox, with new-found money from disposing of Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett? Don't bet on A-Rod, an enemy of all of New England for years, donning a Boston uniform.

In addition to the above big money teams, our Sox have been mentioned. And, hopefully, it's nothing more than a rumor. There should be "Not Wanted" signs all throughout the South Side.

I certainly can see why some feel the presence of A-Rod coming to the Sox would be a good idea, but...

* It's not 2000. At 37, he's a shell of the player who has hit 647 homers, almost 2000 RBIs and won three A.L. MVP awards. He played in only 99 games in 2011 and 122 this year with various physical ailments. In '11 his production dropped to 16 homers, 62 RBIs, .276 and this year his numbers were 18, 57, .272.

* Some would say that those numbers are better than what we've had at third base since Joe Crede left. My answer would be, that with creative scouting, we could get those numbers elsewhere from a younger player--and for a lot less money and years.  A-Rod might be available at a reduced rate, but he still won't come cheap and, again, for five years. I know I don't want a 42-year-old Rodriguez, much less the version we see now.

* With the Sox needing to boost attendance, I can see some extra fannies in the seats to see A-Rod in the black and silver. But before very long, the fans will be smart enough to see he's just an aging, injured, former All-Star who's hurting more than he's helping. For those of a certain age, you'll remember the Sox acquired star players like Steve Carlton, Rocky Colavito and Ken Boyer at the end of their careers with minimal results. But the White Sox organization is much smarter these days and putting a young, exciting team on the field instead of a carnival act will work just as well, along with other good business decisions, to bring the fans back.

* I also don't see ARod's arrival in Chicago playing well with his teammates. Of course, he'll command some respect for his body of work. But he'll soon be a distraction when he doesn't live up to expectations. How are his mates going to feel about A-Rod getting all the attention for NOT being the Alex Rodriguez of old.

* The good news is that I'm confident the Sox brass will see this as I do and they'll have no desire to disrupt a promising roster, with what could turn out a waste of money and a major distraction, from continuing the mission to build a championship team.

A-Rod to White Sox? As they say in New York, Fuggedaboutit!




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  • 1. I can never figure out why Texas gave him (or anybody) a 10 year contract, and then when he opted out, the Yankees signed him again when they said they would not.

    2. Not to mention his admitted steroid use, which might be why his is broken down now.

  • I trust the Sox will not go that route. Jerry Reinsdorf doesn't like bad money and Kenny Williams is too smart for this. Though still smarting from the end of this past season, this is not the answer.

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