With 13 games to go, here are some questions White Sox fans are asking...

With 13 games to go, here are some questions White Sox fans are asking...

As the White Sox made their way to Anaheim last night to face the Angels of Albert Pujols, Mike Trout, Torii Hunter and Jered Weaver this weekend, they certainly tried to put another lost series to the Kansas City Royals behind them. But will they be able to erase the bad memory so quickly?

That's just one of the questions Sox fans are asking as the South Siders try to hang on to their two-game lead with 13 to go:

* Can the Sox recapture their ability to succeed in bringing in runners with two outs and men in scoring position and get that guy in from third with less than two outs?

* Where did Adam Dunn's home run swing go? Is that pesky oblique contributing to his failure to go deep?

* Will Paul Konerko, who hasn't been the same since he reached the .399 mark earlier in the season, just plain tired, sufferering from a bad back or finally showing signs of age--or all three?

* Can the Sox the avoid mental mistakes that had much to do with last night's 4-3 loss?

* Will the Twins and Royals be able to hold their own against the Tigers?

* Will the Sox bats, who are about to face outstanding pitching in both Anaheim and at home next weekend against the Rays, deliver enough to win games.

* Will the Sox's most consistent offensive threat all season long, Alex Rios, keep it going for 13 more games.

* Will our defense, among the league leaders, avoid giving the Angels, Indians and Rays four or five outs in an inning?

* Will the bullpen mix of Matt Thornton, Jesse Crain, Donnie Veal, Nate Jones, Brett Myers and Addison Reed hold down the fort in crunch time?

* Will Jake Peavy set a winning tone tonight in the series opener against the Angels?

The answers will come soon enough.




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