What's happened to the White Sox we've grown to know and love?

What's happened to the White Sox we've grown to know and love?

It's not over.

With seven games to go and a game behind the Tigers, there's still time to recapture the magic that has made this White Sox season--up until losing seven of the last eight games--so enjoyable. But you know as well as I do that it sure doesn't look good.

After almost six months of hanging tough with good pitching, tight defense and clutch hitting, the South Siders we have grown to know and love this season are no more. The pitchers have lost their command (Sox pitchers walked a startling 12 last night in the 6-3 loss to the Tribe), it's a surprise if the hitters, other than slugging homers, drive in the key hit and the defense has sprung leaks.

Though the Sox are saying they're not pressing, the eye test says they are. And who can blame them? Forget us fans and the disappointment we're feeling. All the work the coaches and players have done since February in Glendale, AZ, and now when they need to come through the most, well, they don't--and at the worst possible time.

It doesn't do any good to analyze each player's contributions individually. We know who's come through, who hasn't and when. And the truth is that they've all contributed to the great run in one way or another and are all responsible for the lastest comedown. The hope, as distant as it seems today, is that they can find their bearings and a way to overcome the Rays' outstanding pitching this weekend. And since we no longer control our own destiny, also hope the Twins and Royals can hold their own against the Tigers.

As long as the final chapter hasn't been written, we still can hold on to the vision of the Sox in the playoffs. As I've said before, one game at a time.

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