Sox-Rays Saturday matinee: They would have stopped it in Little League

Sox-Rays Saturday matinee: They would have stopped it in Little League
Empty the bench and let the subs start in the home finale on Sunday.

If the major leagues had a mercy rule it would have sadly applied this afternoon as Tampa Bay held a 10-0 lead over the White Sox after 7 1/2 innings. Yes, that's right, 10-0 in the latest "most important game of the year" while the Sox dropped to two games behind the Tigers with four to play.

The Sox bench, called upon in eighth as Robin Ventura waved the white flag of surrender, made the final score a little bit less embarrassing as Jordan Danks walked (hitting for Dewayne Wise), Ray Olmedo (for Kevin Youkilis) singled and Dan Johnson (for Adam Dunn) walked, loading the bases for Orlando Hudson (for Paul Konerko). All Hudson did was smash a grand slam to make it 10-4, the final.

With the Sox now in dire straits as they prepare to face Cy Young candidate David Price in the home finale tomorrow afternoon, here's a thought. Why not put together a starting lineup of all subs? After all, the bench scored more runs in the loss today than the Sox scored in their 3-1 win Friday night. My one exception would be Alex Rios, the only everyday Sox player who continues to excel. He collected a pair of hits today--and broke up Matt Moore's perfect game in the fifth inning.

How's this?

Wise, CF

Hudson 2B

Johnson, 1B

Rios, RF

Danks, LF

Lopez, 3B

Flowers, DH

Olmedo, SS

Gimenez, C

Why not? What do we really have to lose?














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  • From what you said in the second paragraph, they did in the 8th. Tampa, too.

    The box score indicates that Axelrod and Septimo gave up 4 runs in the 7th and 8th, so the bottom of the 8th was a wash.

    I don't know if the Sox throw in the towel with 2 down with 4 to go, but yesterday's game was the sole exception to both pitching and hitting having hit the wall a couple of weeks ago. In effect, they threw in the towel in that the radio pregame said that the Sox had to win the game with Sale, even if he personally didn't get the win, but with him out of there at 5-0 in the 4th, it was about over then.

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