Robin Ventura's common sense approach: "We are what we are"

Robin Ventura's common sense approach: "We are what we are"

As the White Sox continue to live and die by the long ball, as was apparent last night in the 5-3 loss to the Tigers, I was particularly intrigued by Robin Ventura's comments after he was asked if any changes in the lineup are forthcoming in an effort to score more manufactured runs.

"This is who we have," the skipper explained to reporters. "Maybe Dunner (Adam Dunn) is ready (Wednesday), but this is what we are. We can't go out and grab a bunch of different people. This is what we have been doing all year and we're going to go with it."

Sox fans, this is the common sense approach we've learned to expect from Ventura, who has exceeded expectations in his first year as a manager on any level.

Would it be nice for the South Siders to manufacture more runs? Sure. Have the Sox been their worst enemy at times this season by failing to deliver in clutch situations? Absolutely. But the reality is, this is the team we're going to succeed or fail with.

And, you know, that's perfectly fine with me. Who would have ever thought we'd be in first place, two games ahead, on September 12?


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