Pennant race anxiety: Try to enjoy it

Pennant race anxiety: Try to enjoy it

Fellow White Sox fans, the next couple of weeks won't be for the faint of heart.

From this point on, through the season's final day on October 3rd, each of the 14 remaining games will be the equivalent of a "must win." The two-game advantage over the Tigers is somewhat of a luxury, but we all know that lead could evaporate very quickly if the Sox come up short like they did last night in the 3-0 loss to the Royals.

After winning five in a row, the Sox were due to lose. And did we really expect we'd go through the end of the season without losing another game? I guess the most disappointing thing was the way we lost--wasting a fine performance by Chris Sale and being muzzled by nemesis Bruce Chen even when the bases were loaded with nobody out.

So, tonight is the first of a series of 14 "this is the most important game of the season." With Jeremy Guthrie on the mound for K.C., Francisco Liriano needs to come up big because based on Guthrie's recent performances, he's not going to allow many runs.

The pressure is on. The Tigers are nipping at our heels. Each pitch, each inning, each game is meaningful. For all the anxiety about to enter our lives, isn't this the exact scenario that we hope for every season?

As difficult as it will be, try to enjoy it.




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