Trade Deadline Recap: Did the White Sox do the Best Job of All?

Trade Deadline Recap: Did the White Sox do the Best Job of All?
Captain Konerko welcomes newest Sox pitcher Francisco Liriano, who makes the start tonight against his former teammates

Beginning earlier this month and right up until the MLB trade deadline this afternoon, there was a flurry of wheeling and dealing. Among the most significant deals included the Angels trading for Zach Greinke, the Tigers getting Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante, the Dodgers acquiring Hanley Ramirez and Shane Victorino, the Giants obtaining Hunter Pence, the Rangers reeling in Ryan Dempster and the Reds dealing for Jonathan Broxton.

Even though the White Sox didn't get on the trade board on deadline day, a case could be made that Kenny Williams's three deals were the most creative of all.

--On June 24, the Sox acquired Kevin Youkilis, an All-Star caliber third baseman, from Boston for very little--utility player Brent Lillibridge, who has since been traded to the Indians, and Zach Stewart, who may or may not ever reach the majors again.

--Ten days ago, Williams swung a deal for proven reliever Brett Myers from the Astros for two minor league pitchers and a player to be named later.

--Last Saturday, in a deal for infielder Eduardo Escobar and lefty reliever Pedro Hernandez, the Sox acquired lefthanded strikeout artist Francisco Liriano from the Twins.

Since all of the acquisitions above were made by the respective teams in an effort to play postseason baseball, the winners and losers can't be determined fully until the season ends and we see who makes the playoffs.

There's no doubt, however, that the Sox are in a much better position for October based on these three deals. And you can also make a strong case that with their limited human and financial resources the Sox did the best job of all.




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